Dear Success minded entrepreneur,

Mobile money transaction involves customers using their mobile devices (GSM handsets) to send and receive monetary values.  Mobile money service is designed to provide secure, cost effective and convenient service to the populace who could be banked, under-banked or unbanked (people or enterprises that have only limited or no access to the bank). It is a branchless banking business that allows customers perform transactions on their mobile phones without the need to visit the banking hall.

Apart from reducing the volume of cash people carry about and/or keep at home, the unbanked (those without bank accounts) will be given access to banking transactions without going to the bank. Other derivable benefits includes security, easy access, more judicious use of time that will have been wasted in banking hall queues are obvious benefits.  The scheme will also reduce the cash in circulation outside the banking system which volume is currently put at about 50% by the CBN.

While I must warn you that this is not a regular salary job or fraudulent or get-rich-quick-business, the opportunity to make good money, in a continually growing stream of income is enormous. To buttress this assertion, read the following: Saturday Punch of February 19, 2011 reports ‘’Pyramid Research in a recent report submitted that global mobile money industry would generate over $200bn by 2015. The expected growth according to the report will ride on subscribers’ growing trust in the system. With over 80million mobile subscribers, experts are of the opinion that Nigeria is key to the new mobile money growth in Africa after the success it recorded in Kenya with Mpesa’’.

To grab some of this big money, what do you have to do? Simple, be an Agent. What then is the role of the agent? Mobile money agents open new accounts for customers (Users) using mobile applications on Users’ mobile phones and help Users do their transactions on request.  On request because the User can do most of the transactions on his/her phone by themselves.

If you missed the opportunity to make big money during the introduction of GSM phones in Nigeria, this is another but more profitable opportunity.

I know there are questions on your mind, you may be asking ‘’What is in it for me as an Agent?’’.  Plenty, my friend!

WHY Mobile Money?
Lets take a look at some of these statistics :

1.  Kenyan Mobile Money Hits $8 Billion.  Read more
The success of Kenya's Mobile Money service, M-Pesa.  A recent news story shared just how successful M-Pesa really is in the year ended June 2012, the Kenyans deposited $8 billion into the service. That's a 38% increase over the previous year, up from $5.8  billion. These numbers are truly staggering and show the untapped  potential of mobile money.

A few other numbers reported by the Communications Commission of Kenya :
a. The number of mobile money agents rose 16% to a total of 49,079
b. The number of subscriptions rose by 12.13% to reach a total of 19.5  million
c. The end result is great financial freedom for citizens, and a great  example for countries around the world.   Read more

2.  VCASH Receives final license, now evaluating the 3500 agents for rollout in Nigeria.  Read more

3.  VCASH Rollout kick off : Dec 15th 2012, University of Ibadan Main Conference Hall.  Read more

In a country so large in population as Nigeria just like the start of GSM revolution whereby there was a rush, the mobile money payment agency is expected to be more within the next few months,  You shouldn't wait another day to take the opportunity now.

This is an invitation to you to be an accredited mobile money agent.

Do you want to be an operator in cashless banking  business? Or you want to be licensed as an agent by a  globally recognized and reputable organization which has CBN  approval?

Let us help you become an independent mobile payment agent of VCASH and begin to reap the benefits of Cashless policy in Nigeria.

·  We are licensed agents of VTN in  Nigeria
·  We have trained and help licensed many agents nationwide
· Join the winning team. Get the real information about the  mobile payment market in Nigeria and not the others that may not help you.

We work very closely with VTN the leader, which is licensed by CBN as a Mobile Money Operator.  We can help you secure agent or super agent  license from VTN when you come for our training.

Advantages of becoming a VCASH agent:
· Make money from the cashless economy initiative
· Draw new customers to your existing business
· Built-in customer base from our established customers
· Built-in support network
· Business niche that has already been identified
· Many vital marketing decisions are made for you, you just run your business
· Pre-established guidelines for business operations already exist which provide you with a working structure
· Recognized business name and reputation
· Training provided

Attend this unique training seminar where the SUPER AGENT will teach you all you need to know about mobile money agency service. You will qualify immediately as MASTER AGENT and receive your CERTIFICATE and LICENSE.

We also provide One on One Training Program at our corporate office ie P.C. Controllers Ltd in Ikeja Lagos or at a location to be mutually decided.

It is a special offer to suit the convenience of every intending trainee. It provides comprehensive interaction with expert INSTRUCTOR. It runs from 10am to 3pm per training, Monday to Friday, but we require 3 to 5 days’ notice by individuals in order to complete formalities with VCASH Office.

One on One Trainees will also receive CERTIFICATE and LICENSE immediately.

Seminar fee is N15,000 (in our office) to cover lectures, certificate and license.

The future is mobile money. Get trained by the SUPER AGENT.

You can also use the opportunity to buy bulk VCASH Recharge Cards for sale at your outlet. Please place your order online on your Agent account and select us to service the order. Your cards will be ready at the event

What you should expect at any of the  training sessions:

A.  General introduction: Mobile payment  and cashless  economy

· Role of CBN
· Role of Mobile Payment Operators
· Role of Mobile Network Operators (MNOs)  e.g.  MTN, GLO, AIRTEL,  ETISALAT
· Role of Banks
· Role of Agents
· Role of Super Agents

B.  Practical Session
· Live demonstration: Agent interface and features
· Live demonstration: Moving money from one account to  another
· Live demonstration: Withdrawing money
· Live demonstration: Agent pay out
· Live demonstration: Recharge card selling and activation (ePin  and Scratch cards)
· Live demonstration: How agents make money per transaction
· Live demonstration: Ordering recharge cards from super  agents online
· How to increase your earnings
· Discussions. Questions and answers.
Practical session: Live demonstration: Agent interface of VTN platform, moving money from one account to another, withdrawing money, agent pay out, recharge card selling, activation etc

You learn to become International Money Transfer Agent working as VCASH Agent in Nigeria.

· You will learn how to receive Western Union transfers into their mobile wallet without going to the bank! (this alone will make you rich)  Read more
· You learn how to Load, transfer and Payout VCASH
· You will learn how to Payout Western Union
· You will learn how to Load and Transfer USA produced MasterCard
· You will learn how to become an expert Trainer to be able to recruit Agent
· You will learn where and how to market your VCASH services.
· You will learn how to dominate your region for VCASH and upgrade to Super Agent
· You will have access to my ebooks for free and unlimited mentoring on VCASH Agency

Certification and Licensing

Plus much more.....

How much am I expected to make in the business?

It may be difficult for me to project how much revenue/income you can make within a month/year because I do not know your work parameters, sales technique amongst other things.  You are expected to have a reasonable working capital (N100,000 or more) to make thousands/millions of naira in revenue.  As explained above, see what you will be trading on, this would be more explained to you during training.  Also since you will be licensed as a mobile money agent, that means you can equally train others and make extra money amongst other money making revenue.

Hear what Western Union official had to say about your money making potential just by receiving Western Union only:
Aida Diarra, Western Union Regional Vice President for North, Central and West Africa said, “Western Union is pleased to launch this international mobile money transfer service in collaboration with VTN VCASH in Nigeria. Being able to move international money transfers into mobile phones in a nation that has a greater penetration of mobile phones than bank accounts is central to facilitating financial inclusion.”

With a population of more than 160 million, Nigeria currently has over 105 million mobile phone subscribers and received US$21 billion in annual remittances in the year ending 2012, according to a World Bank brief .Yet, only 29.7 percent of adults over the age of 15 are banked, according to the World Bank.  VTN VCASH subscribers who choose not to direct funds into their electronic accounts can use the traditional Western Union Money Transfer service to receive international remittances in cash at any of the company’s agent locations across Nigeria.

The above simply means you can be a part of the 105 million mobile phone subscribers who received US$21 billion in 2012 via global remittances.

Now the choice is yours on how much you want to make out of this above figure which is expected to rise in 2013. Please waste no more time and quickly key into this phenomenal business that is ravaging/would ravage Nigeria in 2013 and beyond.

Prior payment into our bank account is required to join the classes

Busy? let's train you, give you cerificate, license you and empower you while you have lunch in the comfort of your home/office to become VCASH  Licensed agent

ONE ON ONE at your convenience
Get trained at your convenience. we would come to you,  train you and certify you same day.  We will then hand  over the baton to you so you can train others like us.

Our service covers all south west states:  (Lagos, Osun, Ogun, Oyo, Kwara, Ekiti, Ondo)

Please Note: For all engagements outside Lagos, we will bill  for transport and incidentals such as overnight stay if  necessary.

Gain from our experience perspective.  Hear certain industry information for the first time and  why you should get certified in the next few weeks

Book your 1 on 1 training today and have yourself trained by an expert licensed Instructor to VCASH, you will be licensed and certificated at your convenience.

Time: 10AM to 3PM

Payments must be made into our bank account name/no. to be given when you send an SMS with your Name, Email, GSM No, Code: “Mobile Money Agent Seminar” + Date you want be trained and Date you are making payment to telephone no 08033235168 thereafter our bank payment details would be sent to you.  Please bring your payment teller on the date of the training.

Payments are expected to be made at most 5 days before the date of the mutually agreed training to make it a confirmed appointment.
Make Easy Money NOW!
Business Opportunity Of The Decade
Become An Independent Mobile Payment Agent And Begin To Reap The Benefits Of Cashless Policy Right Here In Nigeria
Practical Seminar and Discover How To Make Repeated Income Greater Than Your Yearly Income Within Weeks -  Guaranteed
Note: Before you begin, if you're NOT 100% serious about making money from the mobile money revolution which income is expected to be greater than the GSM income, DO NOT read another word. Only read on if you plan to put into action, everything that you will be taught on the page or at the seminar.
Subject:  Making money opportunities in mobile money business
Learn The Money Making Secrets On How To Make More Money In Mobile Banking
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*We Promise To Respect Your Privacy *
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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

What is Mobile Money Transfer?
Today, consumers have access to a variety of ways to send and receive money. Although using cash to send a money transfer is the most popular method for most people, more and more people want additional options like sending and/or receiving funds on the Internet, over the telephone, and now, on their mobile phones. Mobile Money Transfer is one of the newest and most convenient ways to send money worldwide. If your mobile carrier offers this service, the funds sent are deposited into a mobile wallet (m-wallet) for use in a variety of ways, determined by each Mobile Network Operator.

What is a Mobile Network Operator?
A Mobile Network Operator offers mobile phone service. Many work with Western Union to offer Mobile Money Transfer service. These operators also offer mobile wallets (m-wallets) that can be tied to a mobile phone account where funds are withdrawn and deposited.

What is a mobile wallet?
A mobile wallet, or m-wallet, is an electronic account that is linked to a person’s mobile phone in which money can be electronically deposited and used the same as cash. Mobile wallets are used to pay for goods at stores, pay for public transportation, utilities, pay bills and withdraw cash as determined by each Mobile Operators service offerings.

How to Send Money

Can money be sent to any mobile phone?

Mobile Money Transfers can only be sent to mobile phones that belong to Mobile Network Operators that work with Western Union.

Does the sender need to have a mobile phone?
No, the Sender does not need to have a mobile phone to send a Mobile Money Transfer. However, if the Sender does have a mobile phone and chooses to provide their mobile phone number, they will receive an SMS message confirming the money has been delivered, or alerting them to any issues.

Can money be sent to any mobile phone?
Mobile Money Transfers can only be sent to mobile phones that belong to Mobile Network Operators that work with Western Union.

Does the sender need to have a mobile phone?
No, the Sender does not need to have a mobile phone to send a Mobile Money Transfer. However, if the Sender does have a mobile phone and chooses to provide their mobile phone number, they will receive an SMS message confirming the money has been delivered, or alerting them to any issues.

What if, as a sender, I don't give you the correct mobile number of the receiver?
Funds are credited based on the mobile number provided. To be sure your money is transferred to the intended Receiver, you must be sure to provide their correct mobile phone number with country code.

How does Mobile Money Transfer with Western Union work at an Agent location?
A Mobile Money Transfer takes just a few easy steps:

  Sender confirms the Receiver's mobile phone number and that the Receiver's mobile operator offers the mobile money transfer service who work with Western Union. The Receiver also must have a mobile wallet attached to their account.
  The Sender completes the Send Money form at a Western Union Agent location, including the Receiver's name and mobile number.
   Sender gives the Send Money form and cash for the transfer and any applicable fees to the Agent representative.
   The Receiver will get an SMS message from their Mobile Network Operator that money is available in their mobile wallet.

What information is required on the Mobile Money Transfer form?

- Amount to send
- Receiver's country code and mobile phone number*
- Receiver's first and last names
- Receiver’s province or country
- Sender's first and last name
- Sender's country code and phone number
- Sender's address

*Funds will be paid to Receiver’s m-wallet account provider for credit to account tied to Receiver’s mobile number. Standard message and data rates may apply from Mobile Service provider. Additional third-party charges may apply, including SMS and account over-limit and cash-out fees. Funds availability subject to terms and conditions of service. See Send Money form for Restrictions.

Who can send a Mobile Money Transfer?
Anyone can send a Mobile Money Transfer:

1.  In person at a participating Western Union® Agent location.
2.  Online from participating Western Union websites offering the service.

How quickly will the money be available to the Receiver?
Western Union is known for its transaction speed. Notification will quickly follow via text message once the funds are delivered. Availability of funds may vary in different regions depending on the account type and mobile operator.

Is Mobile Money Transfer available at all Western Union Agent locations?
Mobile Money Transfers can only be sent from participating Western Union Agent locations. Use the 'Find an Agent' button on any Western Union website to find participating Mobile Western Union Agent locations.

How will you ensure that Mobile Money Transfer transactions are secure?
Senders must provide proper identification to send a money transfer to a mobile wallet. Transactions comply with both the regulations of the send country and those for cross–border remittances. Mobile Network Operators secure their customers' mobile wallets by a secret PIN and other security methods (check with the Mobile Network Operator for more information). If your mobile phone is lost or stolen, contact your mobile operator and they will freeze/suspend your mobile wallet account.

What about currency exchange rates?
Exchange rates for the Mobile Money Transfer transaction will be calculated, applied, and displayed at the time the funds are sent unless otherwise prohibited by local regulations.

In what currency are receivers paid?
Mobile Money Transfers are paid in the local currency of the receive country.

How to Receive Money

How quickly will I get the money?
Western Union is known for its transaction speed. Notification will quickly follow via text message. Availability of funds may vary in different regions depending on the account type and mobile operator.

In what currency are receivers paid?
Mobile Money Transfers are paid in the local currency of the receive country.

Does the Receiver need to have specific mobile wallet service with a partcipaing Mobile Operator Service Provider?
Yes, Receivers must have a mobile wallet tied to their mobile phone service.

How will the Receiver know if they have received funds in their mobile wallet?
Receivers will get an SMS message from their mobile service provider.

We look forward to receiving your payment and your expected training date/time.

Opportunities come and go in life.  Some seize it and enjoy the benefits while others simply watch it pass by and thereby become POOR (Passing.Over.Opportunities.Repeatedly).  So what will you do with this opportunity?

If you are really serious about making good money this year and beyond, then you should register your interest NOW.

We look forward to seeing you at the training.
Call 08033235168 or send email to:
info{at} to schedule an appointment.  Serious enquiries only.

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