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Prior to now in 2001 or thereafter when GSM just started in Nigeria I dreamt of and worked at becoming a GSM distributor with MTN and others.   Then the startup cost for distributors was over N10 million (amongst other severe conditions) which I sincerely could not afford at that time.  To participate as a distributor then we started a kind of a  cooperative club whereby we pulled funds together and buy as a group at about 5% discount.  The minimum each member was expected to contribute or buy was N100,000 which was no small money at the  time.  Also I had to make a mandatory N25,000  investment sunk cost to be a member of the cooperative.

When these contributions are made we were required to wait for TWO days due to stocking and inventory challenges from the network operators before we can  take delivery of our physical stocks which were in recharge cards before sales begin.  I am sure some of you will confirm what I am saying.

The danger of taking physical stocks were very high, so much so that some lost their profits and investments via robberies and missing cards.   Personally one of my staffs at that time stole my recharge cards from one of the packets which were not known until they were sold and the customer started to forment trouble.  Before we knew which staff was  responsible days have passed, customers and income  have been lost.

I got fed up of doing the business considering that I was working hard with partially borrowed funds which meant a lost of a recharge card has eroded my "profit" and part of my working capital with debt on borrowed funds.  I had to unwillingly pack up doing this business around 2005.

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