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From The Keyboard of P.C. Controllers Ltd
Are you Driving?

If you don't drive your business, you will be driven out of business.
  B.C Forbes Founder Forbes magazine

Now that there is global financial crisis, the stock market has fallen, the real estate is stifled, Naira value is fluctuating and daily personal cost of living is rising.  How do I save cost?, what is the way out of our daily financial challenge(s)?.

Doing business in NIGERIA IS NOT EASY when you consider the enormous financial encumbrances, taxes, government charges, power outage, cost of running a business etc.  Then you will agree with me that there is a dire need to save all avoidable cost some of which include impromptu recurring cost we expense on airtime and data recharges.

I want you to know airtime top up is one of the most careless expenses we make everyday without putting cost to.  Personally I know of someone who buys N1,000 airtime everyday or every other day without earning any commission.  Even now the network operators are helping our financial indiscipline by granting us the opportunity to "borrow airtime and pay back on our next recharge'' when we don’t really need to borrow airtime.  I know of persons including school children (which may include you or your children) who borrows hundreds every day and even thousands weekly.  I am sure it would surprise you if you calculate how much airtime top ups you make every week/month.  If you doubt me starting from today, keep receipts (records) of the amount of every airtime/data plan you buy and calculate it at the end of the week/month then you will understand what I am talking about.

Outside of the obscene amount spent regularly on airtime top up, how about the inconvenience people go through to top up their phones.  You have change problems, loss of man hours looking for street card vendors amongst others but with our application, airtime top ups are done effortlessly with proof of payment.  Every time a successful top up is done you receive a confirming sms from the service provider notifying you of your account details.  Also you can login to your secured online account and check your account history even if it is 1am.

I have a question or two for you, where/how do you buy airtime/data for your phone or staff?  I am not talking about buying airtime top up from a website online or your bank internet platform as it is in vogue now, of which you are not given any commission/very little commission or most often you just buy from shop/street vendors.  How do you buy your data plan for your internet (browsing) usage?  In case you are surprised why am I asking you these questions.  The reason is I want you to know that if you are still buying airtime or data top up from any of these above ways
you are loosing money.  How you may ask?

What if I could show you a way to make money without leaving the comfort of your office, would you be interested?

Have you heard about virtual top up? if you have, have you been using it before now or are you using it presently?  Again I am not talking about buying airtime top up from websites, mobile money sites/apps or from your internet bank account in which you buy virtual top up with little or no earnings at all.  I am talking about getting commissions for any airtime and data plan amount you purchase for yourself, your staffs or on behalf of another.

I want you to know that airtime top up/recharge is a multi-billion naira a month industry and your money also accounts for this mega sum and that is why my bank is aggressively advertising it.  Let me ask you, do you make money in this above stated mega sum?  Perhaps yes or no.  I am not talking about buying recharge cards or airtime online without making commission. I am talking about saving money whenever you top up your phone airtime and even those of your staffs, your friends or customers.  Do you know I make sales commission on virtual top up when I buy airtime on my personal phone?  Do you also realise that one of the world richest men Carlos Slim is in the telecommunication industry and other world richest men are either in the business or buying over successful telecommunication companies around the world?  Now you know why this is a worldwide multi billion dollars industry, and you too can make a fraction/percentage of this mega sum by playing at your level.

I want you to know that logical cards (scratch cards) which we are very used to is gradually being phased out and would be replaced by Virtual Top Up (VTU) sometime within the next one year or thereabout.  You may be asking how does that bother me or what is in it for me?.  Remember I said this is a multi-billion naira industry (which is said to be
over N100 billion per month) therefore there is money to be made therein.  Now before the sleeping giants of the logical card sellers’ wake up to the reality of VTU you are already making money it in.  Simply by signing up FREE to our VTU platform NOW that it is free to sign up.  Remember at the start of GSM in Nigeria, it was easy to become an airtime card reseller compared to what obtains now.

Well, let me introduce you to a COST SAVING VTU airtime top up with which you will no longer need to pay for your phone airtime top up just like me.  How?  Simply by downloading our airtime vending mobile application on any Android, Blackberry, J2ME, Nokia, iphone or any Java enabled phone(s).  The good part is
download is free and do you not need CAPITAL outside of your initial payment which you directly consume nor any ambiguous training to start.

Well, you may be wondering.  What is my business offer?.

My business offer is
"selling Virtual Top Ups of major telecommunication companies" perhaps you have never heard of it before or you have even done it before or you have not taken a deeper look into the potentials of this business, then let me invite you to get my VTU business package or to possibly meet with me for an hour or two interaction in which I would demystify all your worries and answer the silent questions you might be asking yourself.  Though its not compulsory we meet physically to partake in our VTU business, our meeting only gives you an extra edge of one on one access to me to physically demonstrate how my VTU platform works and also for you to ask any question(s) on the VTU business.

But you may be saying I don't have money to enjoy this business; Yes I know, that is why I am offering you this at ABSOLUTELY NO STARTUP COST.

To signup for our corporate VTU platform that can dispense MTN, Airtel, Etisalat, Glo and Visaphone is
as simple as ABC for NOW.
A.  Download and register the airtime vending mobile application onto your phone.  We would setup a secure web access to your online account after payment.
B.  Make a payment of N120,000 which would be deposited into your secure agent online account to dispense airtime and data plan top up to any of the above networks.
C.  We would give you our 40 page VTU powerpoint presentation visual manual and mentor you in whatever state you are in Nigeria and you too can do likewise to make money in VTU airtime sales.

With our corporate VTU platform you can have unlimited number of staffs, departments that you save/earn commission on when you top up their phones.  Under the agent account you can have
corporate account users whereby you earn bulk sum every time they recharge.

Please note, after the sale of your airtime stock your initial investment of N120,000 comes back to you at 2% profit.  Therefore you paid nothing to set up your mobile and online accounts.

Benefits of our platform:
1. The amount in your account can be used to recharge any of the five (5) networks unlike what obtains elsewhere in which you have to get multiple accounts for each network.
2. You make a minimum of up to 2% profit on all balance given out in Virtual Top Up form.
3. You can use our platform to solve your problem of looking for cash balance (change) after transactions, which subsequently reduces the waiting time of customers at any point in time.  Most of
Shoprite outlets are already making use of this method to solve their change problem.  Instead of giving sweet and other unwanted item(s) as change you can give VTU, make your commission and your customer is happy for topping up his/her phone with airtime.
4. You can convert change into premium airtime purchase at a discount and your organisation maximises opportunity to retain more money from what customers are willing to spend.   Example a customer who is to collect N60 change, but is offered airtime at a premium of about 12% worth of airtime ie N67.32k or a customer who is offered Virtual Top Up of N224.40k instead of receiving a N200 change.
5. You have access to both our secured web and mobile applications, you can always check your account details, your account balance and also you can do a report of all your transactional history including your commission summary/history.
6. You get paid commissions even when you recharge your personal phone and other members of your family, friends, customers etc.
7. You can dispense VTU airtime from
as low as N1 for MTN and from N45 on others to as high as N999,999
8. You can dispense odd amounts as detailed above eg N67.32k
9.  You can preset auto top ups of preset departments, phone numbers etc in our corporate account platform
10. Low startup cost unlike other platforms that I know which requires as much as N10,000 just to obtain registration form and other obscene startup cost
No investment cost, the N120,000 you paid is used by you and you still earn 2% commission (profit)

Other benefits include:

Our platform have a number of options that can be used to sell Airtime.
  Mobile App (including any phone that can browse)
  iPad or any Tablet
  Personal Computer

The application supports
  Agent Vending
  Distributor Application and sub Agents
  Corporate portal for any business that requires internal Staff recharge

Right now you can buy any of the GSM different data plans and enjoy direct 2% discount.

Coming soon, you will be able to recharge your DSTV and your pre paid electricity bill, buy bulk SMS and still earn commissions.

I want you to know that the
VTU airtime vending package is "F.R.E.E" provided you make a payment of N30,000 for setting up your corporate accounts which would be deposited into your account to dispense airtime top up for any of the above networks.

At this point you may be wondering why am I doing this for "FREE",  I  want you to know this is a WIN WIN business for you and I.  I make 1% as sales commission when you buy VTU airtime and you make money (2%) when you or your staffs top up airtime.  That is why I call it WIN WIN.

I don't want you to wait beyond today before you start earning commissions on our corporate VTU platform, more so during the festive seasons which is fast approaching much more top ups are made at this time of the year.  As you can see it is "FREE" to sign up on our platform for now perhaps later in the year or coming years you may require so much more to sign up.  I perceive corporate licensing and approval may become difficult before the end of this year, so why wait till then or till next year before you start?  Waste no more time before your competitors start using this service, perhaps your competitors are already using our service.

If you want to be like me who want to save lots of money on my data plan and on recharging my personal GSM phone, also if you need lot of money before the end of this year, then get this package now.

Now, you may ask how do I signup to your corporate VTU platform?

To get started just as I said earlier, all you have to do is to pay a token of N120,000 into our below bank account and download our apps on your phone and we would set up both mobile account and an online account for you.  After which you login to your account and click on anyone of the MTN, AIRTEL, GLO, ETISALAT and Visaphone icons and enter the phone number you want to top up, the amount, your transaction pin and click submit within few seconds your personal phone or staffs phone is topped up at a discount of 2% commission.

Pronto.  See how easy it is to signup to our corporate VTU platform.  Now you need to make a list of all your VTU beneficiaries.  The more you sell, the more commissions you earn.

Better hurry before your competitors find out or sign up before you!  I'm confident that this is the future! Just that it will become too late for many by the time it becomes popular.  This is an opportunity with unlimited potentials.  You can do much more with it than I can possibly tell you, it is all in your hands.
Incredible And Simple Way To Save More Money And Enjoy More Convenience In Your Corporate Data Top Up And Airtime Needs This Year And Beyond!  Learn The Money Saving Secrets On How To Make Easy Money As A VTU Airtime User
Double your business profits!  Money making opportunities in vending airtime and various data plans of all GSM networks (MTN, Airtel, Etisalat, Glo and Visaphone).  Learn new incredible and simple ways to buy/sell airtime and data plans from your phone or computer to any phone number on any of these above networks at any given time of the day in any state in Nigeria.
See what our platform looks like
All you have to do is to visit the secured website url that would be given to you and enter your account number and password
Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

Q.  How am I sure that after paying into your bank account, you will not defraud me?
A.  We want you to be rest assured that when you pay to our bank account that you can go to sleep knowing fully well that we shall surely open and fund your VTU account amongst other things we promise to do.  We have been tried and tested for 20 years, we have had millions of naira paid into our bank accounts without any problems.  Moreso we have a physical office you can always come to.

Please ensure you send your bank payment details as requested to us by sms/email after payment.  Also please send your registration details to setup your web account ie Your FIRST NAME, SURNAME, PHYSICAL ADDRESS,  CORRECT EMAIL ADDRESS and your PHONE IMEI NUMBER.  Type *#06# for get IMEI NUMBER.

Q. I truly do not feel comfortable paying into your bank account because of my past experience(s), how can I participate?

Whao, I feel you.  I have met lot of customers with this worry, simply because of their past scam experiences.  I have even met with customers who came from long distances for face to face transaction in our office (sometimes outside the state) just to be sure we are not a scam.  Please if you truly feel this way I suggest we make a mutually agreed appointment to meet in our office to setup your account.  Please spare a few hours for your account set up/training, also come with your internet ready laptop.  You will be required to transfer your payment via internet banking into our bank account in our office before your account is setup. Please note
we do not collect cash in the office, neither would we setup a live account or demo account nor conduct training without payment.

Q. I am afraid I done similar businesses in the past, what happens if the business stop existing or closes down?
  Relax, exercise no such fears since the beginning of the world people have always been communicating.  As long as people communicate then you have a business but if you still exercise reasonable fear I suggest you do not invest more than what you cannot afford to loose.  Remember life itself is a risk.

Q.  Is my money safe in my account(s)?
   ABSOLUTELY YES, your money is very safe in your account(s).  Your account is protected with 2 level protection entries.  If you do not compromise your account login details, no one can login not even I or any other person.

I understand ALL your above fears I had the same fears too before going into this business but I had to face my
FEAR ie - Face Everything And Rise above my doubts now I no longer  FEAR - Forget Everything And Run.  My advise to you is If you want to succeed in business, you have to face FEAR - False Evidence appearing Real and soar.

Q. Would my N100,000 in my account be used to buy just only one network?
A.  No, your N100,000 can be used to buy airtime on any of these networks  MTN, AIRTEL, GLO, ETISALAT and Visaphone

Q.  Can I buy or sell at any time of the day?
  Yes! you can sell at any time of the day.  You can buy or credit your account during working/banking hours ie Monday to Friday from 8am to 3:30pm exclusive of public holidays.

Q.  Do you accept internet banking payments?

A.  Yes we do, you can make payment to us via your internet bank account to our bank account provided that the account name is domiciled in your personal name (ie from your personal bank account name only) with which you are making the transfer.  Payments must be made from your verifiable personal bank account ONLY.  If you make payment outside of your verifiable personal bank account, we would put your payment on hold and  inform the bank until we have the account holder's consent of payment we would not fund your account.

Q.  How soon does it take after payment to get my account credited (Top up)?
  Normally, we top up your account within 20 to 60 minutes after confirmation of your bank payment.  However, depending on other variables that may be outside our control, top up may take anywhere between 1 hour to 3 hours or beyond in rear case.  You are advised to please keep reasonable buffer stock to prevent stock out.

Q.  How long does it take to get a phone number topped up by your VTU platform after initiating a payment?
  Once your top up result shows top up account is successful barring any network challenge within few seconds the phone number gets credited with the value of airtime and a sms is sent to the topped up phone number as acknowledgement.  It is anticipated that all correctly filled VTU top ups of single value or multiple values from start to finish are completed within one minute or less.

Q.  Can I get the API of your VTU platform?
  Yes you can get it on request.

Q.  Do I have to come to your office to pay/buy my VTU stock?
  No, absolutely not.  All you need do is to pay into our given bank account and your account would be credited within minutes/hours

Q.  Do I need any additional equipment?
  Absolutely none. Just your internet  enabled phone or computer.

Q.  Our office is not in Lagos, how do we signup to your corporate VTU platform?
  As you know the world is a global village you do not have to live in Lagos to benefit from this business because this business is National.  Remember people outside Lagos use airtime too.  We would set up your account and mentor you wherever you are.

Q. Do you have change problem when your customers pay you or do you know of any  business that has change problem?
  If you have or you know of any such business then get ready to make continuous residual income.  This would be explained further to you after payment for the VTU business package.

Q.  Must I only use my phone handset to dispense VTU airtime?
   Absolutely not, you have a secured online account that you can login to dispense your stock.

Q.  What if there is contention/dispute after dispensing an airtime to a phone number?
  You can always cross check with your credit balance or you can type in the phone number in dispute to determine if the transaction was successful.

Q.  How do I determine how much my sales commission is or payments I made?
  The system records all your transactions ie commissions,  payments etc therefore there is no cheating everything is recorded and can be previewed.

Q.  How do I collect my sales commission?
  The system automatically adds your commission to your account balance.  Example if you have N10,000 in your account and you sell an airtime of N1,000 at 5% commission which is N50, your commission of N50 would automatically be added to your account balance of N9,000 to make N9,050 and so on.

Q.  Do you charge monthly commission?
  Absolutely not from your commission.  Our 1% commission is paid automatically into our account when you sell VTU.

Q.  How many users can log in to the same account?
Since you have two login platforms ie the web login and the phone login it depicts that two persons can login independently using any of these two plaforms.  Moreso you can also create/setup an agent assistant in any geographical location from your web login menu whom you can authorise to dsipense VTU on your behalf using your same account.

Q.  What minimum amount can I load into my VTU account?
N100,000 to infinity. 

Q.  Can I have sub agents under me to resell my VTU and still make money from them?
  Absolutely yes, our platform allows you to setup your own personal sub agents in your account that can resell at your desired commission and you still make money from them.  Once you sign up these sub agents under you, they become your agents for life and you earn on their personal sales efforts for life.

Q.  How much commission can I earn from this business?
  You will have to determine that by your own purchase efforts.  However I have an easy plan/strategy that you can adopt that can easily fetch you N100,000 per  month.  You can easily make N100,000 a month at 2% commission selling airtime from our platform unlike some others that give you no commission. 

How you may ask?

Here is a simply calculation on how you too can save on our corporate VTU platform.

Personally I buy a minimum of N2,000 worth of data for my phone/tablet on the Etisalat network.  When I buy airtime via my VTU platform I get 6% discount ie 6% of N2,000 which is N120 meaning that I pay N1,880 for my N2,000 airtime.  Currently as I write, Etisalat doubles my airtime topup to N4,000 to make FREE calls to any network in Nigeria and even gives me a further bonus of N500 with another N300 to call my two YOU and ME Etisalat numbers, also I get a FREE 5MB data.  From this profit scenario, my N2,000 airtime (which I bought for N1,880) fetched me
N4,000 + N500 + N300 = N4,800 airtime value.  That is not all, when I buy data of 1GB which currently sells for N2,000 I get another FREE 24MB excluding my existing 5GB data making a total of 29MB FREE data.  As you can see my N2,000 airtime topup has fetched me multiple values of airtime and data use.  TRY IT and see for yourself, its my great money saver secret.

Q.  Do you have Money Back Guarantee?
  Unfortunately we dont, because part of the money you paid (N100,000) is your spend money which is credited into your account(s), this amount belongs to you and you make 5% commission therein.  Moreso we would have also created two accounts for you and you would have downloaded our mobile apps for FREE, so as you can see there is no money to refund, therefore the money you paid is a sunk cost.  However, we can assure you that you will not have a cause to even think about getting your money back not to talk of asking for it.  We assure you that your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Q.  Where is your physical office?
  Our business name is P.C. Controllers Ltd, we are located at 7 Yinusa Adeniji Street, Behind Unity road, Off Toyin street, Ikeja. Lagos.  Visits to our office is by confirmed appointments ONLY

Q.  Can I visit your office?
  Yes you can, though we would appreciate a prior phone call or appointment before you visit.

Q.  Can I come with my internet ready laptop?
Yes, please come with your laptop that can browse. It would be helpful to you, make sure it is internet enabled with internet access.

Q.  I truly like your VTU platform but I am more interested in making Money as VTU sales agent?
  Yes we have a package for you.  Please click here to read more.

Q.  My question(s) seem not be be answered
  If par chance your question(s) is not answered, please call or send us an email at info{at}

Rush now to make your payment of N120,000 TODAY at any branch of Guaranty Trust Bank Plc.
Account details :
To be given on request

Now I have done my part by telling you all you need to know to save money/earn commission on our corporate VTU platform, the decision to start right away lies with you.  I want you to do everything legally possible to get money to sign up right away you will not regret it.  Make that informed decision NOW and start immediately.

Opportunities come and go in life.  Some seize it and enjoy the benefits while others simply watch it pass by and thereby become POOR (Passing.Over.Opportunities.Repeatedly).  So what will you do with this opportunity?

If you are really serious about saving good money this year and beyond, then make your payment NOW. 

We look forward to receipt of your payment. 
Please invite us if you can organise a minimum of 10 - 20 persons together for group training. Call 08097015999 (9am to 6pm Monday - Friday only) or send email to: info{at} to schedule a training appointment.  Serious enquiries only.

Sign Up Below To Discover How To Make Repeated Money in the Ravaging Mobile Money Revolution.  Get The FULL DETAILS...

We look forward to receiving your payment for the VTU business package.  Get more details on how you too can earn commission by entering your details in the form below:
If payment is made today, you will get:
1.  A free download of our mobile apps on your phone to dispense airtime top up
2. A secured online account from which you can dispense airtime of all Nigerian GSM networks from anywhere in the world.
3. 30 days FREE consulting with me on VTU business and FREE unlimited access to other vital information

Very important notice to those hoping to pay after today
After TODAY I would have to conceal this jealously guarded VTU business secret to myself and others that make payment today.  Moreso due to space constraint I can only take 50 participants, once I have my 50 participants that’s it till God knows when.  Please do not come asking for another date after this seminar.  This price of N120,000 in your account is valid for the 1st 50 fully paid up participants or those that fully pay up today. 
After this ONE TIME OFFER bonuses will be removed and prices will increase.


To send money to us with via your personal BANK ACCOUNT is as simple as ABC:

.  Call to notify us of your intention to start our VTU business then pay into our bank account
B. Confidently make payment into our bank account via bank deposit or internet banking transfer into our corporate account below.  Please send your VTU account registration details by sms to 08097015999 when payment is successful as we would need them to register you.
C. Upon confirmation of your funds in our bank account we shall SURELY setup a VTU account for you within an hour or maximum within 24 hours or as agreed (guaranteed), fund your VTU account and contact you by sms/email.

As a smart and intelligent business owner who loves to save money just like I do and as a business owner of over 20 years with proven verifiable results. Waste no more time, open your bank internet portal and pay N120,000 NOW or simply rush now to make your payment at any branch of our bank.
Account details :
To be given on request

Please send SMS/email with your
FIRST NAME, SURNAME, PHYSICAL ADDRESS, CORRECT BEST EMAIL ADDRESS and your PHONE IMEI NUMBER to telephone no 08097015999.  Type *#06# for get IMEI NUMBER.  Send email to

After payment, please sms the following:
Your full name, the amount paid, your payment TRANSACTION ID number, your phone number, your email address and number to 08097015999.  Please keep your payment transaction id number as proof of payment, you may also print this as proof.
Enquiries? Call: 08097015999 (9am to 6pm Monday - Friday only PLEASE)
Serious enquiries only, No Q & A session, Please read website content and See FAQ before calling.

Copyright protected.  2019
Please submit your info to get more details and to receive materials
Please fill even if you do not plan to sign up for the VTU package for now.
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