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Stop Running Around The Streets Looking For Money Or Employment When Money Could Actually Be Running After You.


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Abundance In A Hostile Economy Empowerment Seminar
Learn how to :
* Be RECESSION PROOF at any time of recession.
* Turn your recession into prosperity.
* Be healthy and wealthy in time of recession.
* Amongst several others
Date : This Monday or As Desired Time : 10am
Venue : Ikeja, Lagos
Fee : Absolutely FREE
To register/attend send your NAME, STATE (eg Ikeja Lagos) and BEST EMAIL ADDRESS to WHATSAPP NO 08097015999
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Are you Driving?

If you don't drive your business, you will be driven out of business.
  B.C Forbes Founder Forbes magazine

Now that there is global financial crisis, the stock market has fallen, the real estate is stifled, Naira value is fluctuating and daily personal cost of living is rising.  How do I make more money?, what is the way out of our daily financial challenge(s)?.

Doing business in NIGERIA IS NOT EASY when you consider the enormous financial encumbrances, taxes, government charges, power outage, cost of running a business etc.  Then you will agree with me that there is a dire need to make more daily money.

Like me... You can make really BIG MONEY at home watching TV - or just reading your daily newspaper!


I Discovered How To Beat The Race Track...Now I am Revealing My Secret.

I want you to know that you cannot continue to use the old traditional marketing methods to do business in this 21st century, they simply do not work or very least effective. Mounting very expensive billboards on the highway simply do not convert your prospects to customers, I can assure you your target audience do not probably see them and if they do, they do not pay attention to them.

I want you to know that most eye balls are right now on their mobile phones, that is where the traffic is, that is where your potential customers/buyers are waiting for you. With over 2 billion smart phones sold yearly you simply cannot ignore your mobile customers.

I have observed too many people spending months and years of hard work, and huge capital, roaming around the streets of Nigeria to get contract the traditional way, they struggle the old way and sweating on the streets day in day out just to get one business which income will not last them to the next business.  This class of traditional marketers would tell you that the new trend of using effective digital marketing tools to drive traffic to their businesses to make sales and make quick money is a lazy man’s approach.  Some of the more uncharitable ones would even say it’s a scam.

They would insist it’s not possible for someone to spend few thousands of naira to drive such massive targeted buyers to patronise them.  These traditional marketing businessmen believe that you must pay your dues with months of needless Labour, money and spend the time you would never get back.  These clueless traditionalists continued to suffer and waste lots of money trying to build an empire first, while the smart Digital Marketers’ are embracing the do-it -for-you option as a first step in getting some money into their pockets first, while going through the longer process of learning to build their own structure.  That's why we see lots of young boys in barely 24 to 72 hours are making good money while the ‘smart’ old school continued to whine and blame the government and the economy for their poverty.

Marketing your products and services the old traditional way is like demanding pounded yam prepared with mortal and pestle from a millenium lady. When she could achieve the same results within 45 minutes without sweating it out in the kitchen

So which one are you?

Are you with the old ‘wise’ ‘traditional marketer’ crowd or with the smart ‘digital marketer’ generation?

If you are tired of sweating for weeks and months while trying to figure out how money is made online, then you need to attend our digital marketing training courses.  You will finally see why struggling on your own for years to build a robust money making business is a fools errand, when you could simply get the ‘smart marketers’ solution and start living the life of your dreams.

It’s time to STOP hustling and hopping around the country and START WINNING with digital marketing!

My personal experience
Despite my been in business for over two decades, not withstanding my over 20 years of experiential  business knowledge and wisdom.  Despite having been on top of the business ladder for several years in my niche industry did not really make my business recession proof.  Now that there is global financial  crisis, the stock market has fallen, the real estate  is stifled and daily personal cost of living is rising how do I make my business relevant in this difficult operating terrains?,  How do I attract patronage to my offline and online businesses?, what is the way out of my daily financial challenge(s)?.

Do you know that within a moment your hard earned business venture that has being the market leader  over the years can suddenly be financially distressed, loose customers and be gasping for financial breathe. 

This above scenario was exactly what happened to my business few years ago until I attended a course in  digital marketing.  Since I started applying the course contents of what I learnt in digital marketing, I now make informed decisions in my various marketing decisions, I now know what marketing tactics that works online and offline using a wide range of ad display formats and how to select the most appropriate digital display ad format for a campaign target audience to develop clear campaign objectives, measure and optimise campaigns based on firm results analysis.  Also I was able to research and utilise a range of campaign publishers and know what pricing metrics such as CPM, CPC, CPL and CPA entail commercially.

During this training programme I had the opportunity to learn the various Social Media Marketing techniques to effectively engage my customers across diverse range of social media platforms across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+, as well as new emerging social platforms like Periscope, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Quora etc.  I learnt how to explore and make better use of the various marketing channels, how social media platforms can be used to help businesses expand their reach, drive revenues, increase brand exposure and make better sales therein.

With the emerging trend in the smart phone industry which expected users will soon out number the people  using computers to access the internet.  You cannot afford to leave out these large number of potential  customers. Within this program I learnt valuable skills in mobile technology; from text to calls, to convergent connected devices, mobile advertising, targeting and retargeting, mCommerce, tracking and analysis and many more.

Another important topic that would make your business outstanding is the digital marketing campaign, planning and strategy which is expected to equip you with skills to effectively create Digital Marketing plan for your business which ensures the implementation of successful and effective Digital Marketing strategies.

More importantly you will be equipped with web analytics skills on how to track marketing campaigns in google analytics.  Web analytics enables participants on how to build online reporting structures for businesses, and a range of specialist tools that are available for measuring and  monitoring online traffic.

Within these above course content I was able to learn how to setup a cost effective Pay Per Click advert campaign, attract targeted traffic via the use of effective Search Engine Optimisation techniques to my company's website.  I was able to setup effective marketing funnels to capture contact details of visitors (prospect) via collecting their contact details for effective follow up in my various email marketing campaigns. Retargeting prospects that do not buy and remarketing them

I can assure you that when you get trained in the above course content you will have diverse knowledge on how to recover your hailing business from irrelevancy and depression or how to maintain your leadership position in your industry.

You don't believe me, hear what some of our clients have to say:

We have used digital marketing for the last five years. Digital marketing is exactly what our business has been lacking. I like digital marketing more and more each day because it makes my life a lot easier. Absolutely wonderful!”
- Ashton Q.

“I don’t know what else to say. I would also like to say thank you to all your staff. The training has been my lifting in life.”
- Thomas W.

Don't lose any more sales... make informed decision NOW and attend my seminar, and I will put you on the fast track to success. You will learn how to:

1. Build brand identity - Introduction to digital marketing
2. Define Your Business and Target Audience
3. Email Marketing
4. YouTube Marketing
5. Facebook - Local business,Groups, Pages, Ads, Retargeting
6. Google Ads - Ads, analytics, Google Plus
7. Marketing via twitter
8. Podcasting
9. Social media live streaming
10. Search Engine Optimisation
11. Content Marketing - copywriting and blogging
12. Websites - creation, domains, hosting, security
13. Video marketing
14. Mobile marketing - SMS,
15. How to spy your competitors traffic and reverse their buyers to your business. This saves you lots of advert cost.  You will learn amazing courses that would help you to revolutionalize your life and your finances.

In this no stories, just straight to the point practical training seminar you will be taught the easiest method of what I have been doing to chunk in millions of naira in sales.

I will only be teaching you what I know and what I do to make money and not theories like what the others teach. I will be teaching what the successful digital marketers do and NOT what they say.

By the time I am done with you, your friends and neighbours would almost swear that you have become a drug baron or an armed robber, your bank manager would specially visit you for a chat about the recent rise in your cash inflow.

Your long lost friends/lover would come looking for you to see for themselves your new status. Your story would change from stories to glory and where you have been asked "who are you"? you would be asked "how are you sir/madam"?

Right now, I want you to know that your prospective customers are actively googling for businesses like yours - but your competitors are stealing all the profit, Just because You Do Not Know The Quick And Easy Way To Write Effective Sales Copy, Reverse Their Traffic And Generate More Traffic To Your Website In Order To Make More Money.  I want you to also know that
“No traffic - No sales, No sales - No business and No business the business closes down”

I Want You To Know That Making More Sales Is No Accident. Come, Let Me Show You The Truth About How To Generate More Traffic In Order To Make More Money.  So If You are Really Serious About Wanting To Make More Sales With My Jealously Guarded Secrets then DON”T MISS THIS TRAINING ... You Are Guaranteed To Make More Sales -- Or We Pay Back!

Date of training:
Time :  10am - 4pm
Or as mutually agreed

Training fee:
N40,000 on site (within our office)
                      N60,000 off site (within your Lagos office).
                      Outside Lagos : Please CALL

Minimum number of participants : Two

As mutually agreed

Bonus Offers:
FREE EBOOKS (worth over N10,000) on diverse Digital Marketing channels. Some of the best in the business
1. Proven Methods For Successful Search Engine Marketing - 344 pages
2. The complete guide to facebook advertising - 51 pages
3. Newbies Guide To Setting Up A Sales Funnel - 41 pages
4. Essential digital marketing tools  - 102 pages
5. Guru Traffic Secrets (Discover How 14 Top Notch Internet Marketing “Gurus” Drive Tons Of Targeted Traffic To Their Websites) - 88 pages
6. SEO bible (The book you need to succeed) - 411 pages amongst others

OVER 30 HOURS of FREE training videos on Digital Marketing worth over $200.
1. Introduction
2. Define Your Business and Target Audience
3. Brand Identity
4. How To Build Websites - Wordpress
5. Email Marketing
6. Copywriting And Blogging
7. YouTube
8. Video Marketing
9. Facebook Groups
10. Facebook Pages
11. Facebook Ads
12. Facebook Retargeting
13. Facebook For Local Business
14. Facebook Marketing - Students Q&A
15. Google Adwords
16. Google Analytics
17. Twitter
18. Instagram
19. Pinterest
20. LinkedIn
21. Periscope
22. Google Plus
23. Social Media Live Streaming
24. Podcasting
25. Qoura
26. Conclusion

You will have
access to our video tutorial library loaded with over 30 hours of video tutorials you need to learn how to use all the features on digital marketing  step by step. With these simplified videos even a complete newbie can attract patronage to his business, or to make any money whatsoever online. You watch, pause, rewind at your own pace. It's like been in the reserved front seat in the final play of a world cup football match.

ONE TIME OFFER if payment is made today, you will get:
FREE Membership to Digital Marketing Club
On Going Support/Mentorship (up to 90 Days).
Facebook and Whatsapp group chat for continuous learning participants
Leave this page and the ONE TIME OFFER and BONUS DISAPPEARS.

This is absolute value for money.  Hopefully, when you see value you recognise one.

FREE Membership to Digital Marketing Club
On Going Support/Mentorship (up to 90 Days).
Facebook and Whatsapp group chat for continuous learning participants

Payment account details:
To be given on request

If you or your business is suffering from what is called
Acute Income Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) then you must attend this seminar or get our home study pack if you really can't come.

Very important notice to those hoping to pay after today
After TODAY I would have to conceal this jealously guarded digital marketing business secret to myself and others that make payment today.  Moreso due to space constraint I can only take 50 participants, once I have my 50 participants that’s it till God knows when.  Please do not come asking for another date after this seminar.  This price of N40,000 is valid for the 1st 50 fully paid up participants or those that pay up at least N30,000 today. 
After this ONE TIME OFFER bonuses will be removed and prices will increase.

Now that you are serious about making good money this year and even beyond,
It's Impossible to Make a Living Online or offline Without a Steady Stream of Quality Targeted Traffic!

It is either you make money with these information or acquire the relevant skills to uplift your business or I will personally refund your seminar fee, apologise to you for wasting your time ie if you make use of these skills.

I will also tell my driver to personally take you back home and tell my accountant to give you back your one month's salary as your personal  inconveniences allowance for coming.

I am not yet done, if you are not completely satisfied with what I offer you within 90 days of practising what your learnt at the seminar, kindly ask for a no question asked refund.

Please note, not in the history of seminars have a 90 day money back guarantee been given in Nigeria.   I must be honest with you neither have I given more  than few days money back guarantee before on any of my seminars.  But because I am sure your will profit from this seminar I am giving a 90 day money back guarantee.

I want you to do everything legally possible to attend this training, knowing that you will surely and certainly profit from this training and make your back money. If after 90 days you do not make any money after you have implemented the various digital marketing skills we have taught you, we would refund your course fee to you 100% with an apology for wasting your time.

I Want You To Know That Making More Sales Is No Accident.  Come, Let Me Show You The Truth About How To Generate More Traffic In Order To Make More Money

If You’re Really Serious About Wanting To Make More Sales This Year And Beyond With My Jealously Guarded Secrets then DON”T MISS THIS SEMINAR... With Your Money Back Guarantee!

If you want to be relevant in today's business age.
Cancel or postpone every pre-planned appointments, even your own ceremony to attend this training.

Hurry up before your competitors find out or start before you!  I'm confident that this is the future! Just that it will become too late for many by the time it becomes popular.  This is an opportunity with unlimited potentials.  You can do much more with it than I can possibly tell you, it is all in your hands.

Opportunities come and go in life.  Some seize it and enjoy the benefits while others simply watch it pass by and thereby become POOR (Passing.Over.Opportunities.Repeatedly).  So what will you do with this opportunity?

If you are really serious about saving good money this year and beyond, then make your payment NOW. 

We look forward to receipt of your payment. 
Please invite us if you can organise a minimum of 2 or more persons together for group training. Call 08097015999 (9am to 5pm Monday - Friday only) or send email to: info{at}pccontrollers.net to schedule a training appointment.  Serious enquiries only.

We look forward to receiving your payment for this training.

Incredible And Simple Ways To Attract More Sales And Make More Money This Year And Beyond!  Turn your Small Sized Company Into A Global Brand That Would be The Envy Of Your Friends And Competitors. Learn The Lazy Man's Way To Riches
From The Keyboard of P.C. Controllers Ltd
Double your business profits!  Money making by placing your business before targeted customers/buyers that need your services/products.  Learn new incredible and simple ways to make your potential customers restless until they patronise you.
Stop Running Around The Streets Looking For Contracts,
When The Contracts Could Actually Be Running After You!

As A Corporate Organization, Do you Know That You Can Grow Your Business With Digital Marketing, Simply By Driving Worldwide Traffic To Your Website And Making Global Income?

Attend Our Digital Marketing Training Designed For Corporate Companies and Discover How To Make Millions Within Weeks WITH EASE - Guaranteed
Note: Before you begin, if you're NOT 100% serious about getting your website to the top of Google and the other major search engines, DO NOT read another word. Only read on if you plan to put into action, everything that you will be taught at the seminar.

Don't Start Business in THIS YEAR without attending this program. If you've been struggling to attract patronage to your business or to make any money whatsoever whether online or offline then read on...