Subject:  Learn My Jealously Guarded Secrets On Effective Digital Marketing Skills To Generate More Traffic to Your Website In Order To Make More Money.
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Abundance In A Hostile Economy Empowerment Seminar
Learn how to :
* Be RECESSION PROOF at any time of recession.
* Turn your recession into prosperity.
* Be healthy and wealthy in time of recession.
* Amongst several others
Date : This Monday or As Desired Time : 10am
Venue : 21/23 Aromire Avenue Ikeja, Lagos
Fee : Absolutely FREE
To register/attend send your NAME, STATE (eg Ikeja Lagos) and BEST EMAIL ADDRESS to WHATSAPP NO 08097015999
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Use me
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for N5,000 only per month

Use me
I am available
for N5,000 only per month

CAVEAT EMPTOR - BEWARE OF FRAUDSTERS cloning popular websites like ours and who engage in other similar activities to perpetuate fraud.  Please ensure you call, make due diligence search/enquiries, physically visit our office if you are in doubt or suspicious of fraud before you transact with us or any other.  We are not financially liable for any loss(es) incurred as a result of your negligence.
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Still can't come or missed the training

If for any good reason you still cannot come for the training or simply missed the training date, not to worry we suggest you book for a one on one training in our office or your desired location and we would mutually agree on terms and be there. Read more

Perhaps you may just want to have our training materials.  We have our high quality home study pack that is detailed and self explanatory, in the home study pack you will get:

FREE EBOOKS (worth over N30,000) on diverse Digital Marketing channels. Some of the best in the business includes :
1. Proven Methods For Successful Search Engine Marketing - 344 pages
2. The complete guide to facebook advertising - 51 pages
3. Newbies Guide To Setting Up A Sales Funnel - 41 pages
4. Essential digital marketing tools  - 102 pages
5. Guru Traffic Secrets (Discover How 14 Top Notch Internet Marketing “Gurus” Drive Tons Of Targeted Traffic To Their Websites) - 88 pages
6. SEO bible (The book you need to succeed) - 411 pages amongst others

OVER 30 HOURS of quality HD training videos on Digital Marketing worth over $200, includes:
1. Introduction
2. Define Your Business and Target Audience
3. Brand Identity
4. How To Build Websites - Wordpress
5. Email Marketing
6. Copywriting And Blogging
7. YouTube
8. Video Marketing
9. Facebook Groups
10. Facebook Pages
11. Facebook Ads
12. Facebook Retargeting
13. Facebook For Local Business
14. Facebook Marketing - Students Q&A
15. Google Adwords
16. Google Analytics
17. Twitter
18. Instagram
19. Pinterest
20. LinkedIn
21. Periscope
22. Google Plus
23. Social Media Live Streaming
24. Podcasting
25. Qoura
26. Conclusion
27. LIVE Q&A Replays

EXTRA : Over 1 Hour of Quality HD Videos on How to build your email list with mailchip or Aweber.
1. Build Your Email List With MailChimp Or Aweber
2. Signing Up For MailChimp
3. Creating Your List
4. Creating An Autoresponder
5. Adding A Signup Form To Your Website
6. Creating An Email Template
7. Sending A Message To Your Subscribers
8. An Introduction To Email List Incentives
9. Delivering Subscription Incentives
10. Promoting Subscription Incentives
11. Signing Up For Aweber
12. Creating Your List
13. Adding A Signup Form To Your Website
14. An Introduction To Email List Incentives
15. Delivering Subscription Incentives
17. Promoting Subscription Incentives

You will have
access to our video tutorial library loaded with over 30 hours of video tutorials you need to learn how to use all the features on digital marketing  step by step. With these simplified videos even a complete newbie can attract patronage to his business, or make any money whatsoever online. You watch, pause, rewind at your own pace. It's like been in the reserved front seat in the final match of a world cup football final.

If you or your business is suffering from what is called
Acute Income Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) then you must get our home study pack.

ONE TIME OFFER if payment is made today, you will get:
FREE Membership to Digital Marketing Club
On Going Support/Mentorship (up to 90 Days).
Facebook and Whatsapp group chat for continuous learning participants
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This is absolute value for money.  Hopefully, when you see value you recognise one.

To receive your pack all you have to do is to rush now to make N20,000 payment at our bank (delivery within Nigeria inclusive) .
Account name: To be given on request
Account no. : To be given on request

Please send
email/sms after payment to the bank stating: Name, Address of delivery, Amount paid, Teller no. incl. branch, Date of payment, Telephone no. and ALL necessary information you think will assist us. Send email to info{at}

Please allow 48 to 72 hours to package your order and deliver to you

Very important notice to those hoping to pay after today
After TODAY I would have to conceal this jealously guarded Digital Marketing secrets to myself and others that make payment today.  Moreso I do not want this jealously guarded secrets known to too many people, once I have my required participants that’s it till God knows when.  This price of N20,000 and over N100,000 bonus is valid for the 1st 15 fully paid up participants or those that fully pay up TODAY
After TODAY bonuses will be removed and prices will increase to N50,000.

Your investment in this seminar is RISK FREE!

Please note we do not provide any money back guarantee on our home study pack because once delivered the knowledge is consumed and the video tutorials cannot be recalled back amongst other logistic issues. Videos are in VLC formats and plays majorly on computers only.

90% of all businesses do 90% of the same thing the same way, It is the 10% that you do differently that means success.  Make that informed business decision NOW and make that difference
Note: Before you begin, if you're NOT 100% serious about getting your website to the top of Google and the other major search engines, DO NOT read another word. Only read on if you plan to put into action, everything that you will be taught at the seminar.

Don't Start Business in THIS YEAR without attending this program. If you've been struggling to attract patronage to your business or to make any money whatsoever whether online or offline then read on...