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Abundance In A Hostile Economy Empowerment Seminar
Learn how to :
* Be RECESSION PROOF at any time of recession.
* Turn your recession into prosperity.
* Be healthy and wealthy in time of recession.
* Amongst several others
Date : This Monday or As Desired Time : 10am
Venue : Ikeja, Lagos
Fee : Absolutely FREE
To register/attend send your NAME, STATE (eg Ikeja Lagos) and BEST EMAIL ADDRESS to WHATSAPP NO 08097015999
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Olayinka Abiodun on a live discussion TV programme on I.T empowerment with Nonye Osi (MITV) 24/1/2005
  How to open e-currency account
  How to fund, transfer funds amongst fellow e-currency users
  How to source for e-currency merchants that offer cheap rates
  How to get customers/users for your e-currency  I would be teaching you how to develop mini sites like this

  How to simply click, drag and drop text, images, photos, flash, animations, logos, video, sound on web pages within 5 minutes. Click here for more details
  How to create web page(s) within 30 minutes or less
  How to upload/publish your website with a click of a button
Amongst other things
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Dear success minded infopreneur,


What could make a successful fun loving man, a loving husband with 3 beautiful kids make such a powerful sentence?.....Is he tired of his freedom? is he just looking for trouble? or is he frustrated?  Beats me hollow!

Personally if I wasn't so sure of myself I would never make such an implicating sentence, I would not have included my personal bank statements, my pictures, that of my family and associates.  Moreso, I am also a familiar face/name on T.V for 5 years now which means much more to me than the expected money you would be paying.

Just because of this seminar, my 10 year old daughter is practically afraid and has embarked on silent cajole for me not to do this training, she said "daddy I don't want you (my expected attendee) to report me to the police"

All because of this seminar, my wife has practically embarked on a fasting and prayer session for me all for the fear of loosing my freedom.  My competitors have practically been begging me not to let our this secret information that we have been using to make money in our businesses.  But against ALL ODDs I am hell bent to let out these jealously guarded secret information ALL BECAUSE OF YOU.
Olayinka Abiodun on a live discussion programme on I.T empowerment with Nonye Osi  (MITV) 24/1/2005
Olayinka Abiodun on a live discussion programme on I.T empowerment with Gboyega Akosile
Olayinka Abiodun on a live discussion TV programme on I.T empowerment with Gboyega Akosile (MBI TV)
Now that there is global financial crisis, the stock market has fallen, the real estate is stifled and daily personal cost of living is rising what business can you possible do?, what is the way out of our daily financial mess?.

Well, let me introduce you to a business that I have been doing for about 5 years, a business with which I have been able to feed myself and my family with, a business that have provided me eviable assets amongst other things.

My business is
"e-currency trading" perhaps you have never heard of it before or you have and have not taken a deeper look into the potentials of this business, then let me invite you to a day seminar in which I would demystisfy all your worries and answer the silent questions you might be asking yourself.  You may be asking why am I so passionate about this business, it is because My business boast of a very high Returns On Investment (ROI)IT IS 99% LOSS PROOF! the remaining 1% is due to human error and I would show you how.

The beauty about e-currency trading is that it’s a relatively unknown business, yet extremely lucrative. With the continued growth of the internet, moving funds from one e-currency to another is in high demand. There are always numerous amounts of transactions that need to be processed day in and day out. Therefore, it’s never a question whether or not this business will be here tomorrow.   Mind you, I am NOT talking about Dxinone whereby it is hard to make any money and when you do it takes 5 months to get your money out of the system

I am as sure as the sun would rise tomorrow that if you attend this seminar you will make real good money.  I am a successful young man in my forties with a great passion for helping people attain their goals in life.  Everyday I see around me able bodied people just wasting away without any hope for the future, this really baffles me why people are suffering so much in the midst of plenty.

For over 20 years, helping people has always been a part of me so much so that I have personally mentored over 500 people and collectively trained over 5,000 people across the country also I have trained many successful trainers via my weekly radio and television programmes and moreso via my
"No hold barred seminars"  that is greatly admired by my followers.
Mr. Olayinka Abiodun with some of the past participants of our internet wealth secret seminar
Mr. Olayinka Abiodun (centre in cap) with some of the past participants of our professional website design course seminar on Saturday 5/3/05
Olayinka Abiodun with a fellow internet marketer Akin Alabi
With another of my cars
Posing with one of my cars
How to Make Amazing Income with Your Email Addresses
In my Alma mata (ICOBA) xmas party in December 2007
Now that you have seen me, my family, my bank accounts, my associates etc I look forward to personally meet with you.  I look forward to shake hands with you, take pictures with you and possibly be my good friend.  But you know what?, only you can make that happen and one good way to make that happen is by attending this seminar.  REGISTER NOW.
In Church with Ayo Jare-Martins of
With some members of our defunct e-wealth investment club during the Christmas meeting held at the Lagos Travel Inn on 16/12/2006.
During launching of my book titled
  You'll discover  exactly how to put your internet business on auto-pilot, so you can live on the beaches of Spain, on a yacht in the Caribbean or in a manor house in the English countryside, while working less than 10 hours a week
  Watch live as we create an internet business from scratch in front of your very eyes, while YOU watch the results. You’ll see how simple it really is, and we'll give you the step-by-step process you can follow to do the exact same thing!
With another of my cars
I want you to know not too many Nigerians can reveal their personal account details with such amount made on the internet, most people would rather be quiet about it while others prefer to "eat and clean mouth" or "to eat alone".

Whereas some others have never made such monies before, they only say it but cannot show it.  Infact, I suggest you do not attend any other seminar that cannot show you proof(s) that they have made this much sales. 
For me to reveal this much tells you much more than what words can say.

How do I make such money you may ask?

The first thing you need is the interest and the ability to
ASK (Always Seeking Knowledge).  I believe that for you to be reading this at this time you are a seeker of knowledge, what now remains for you is to take an intelligent decision and make positive action to attend this seminar.

Am I qualified to attend?

As long as you can read and write then you are qualified to attend this seminar and make money via the information I would be showing you.  Anybody who can send and receive emails.  Anybody who can browse the internet can do this simple business(es) that I would be showing you, provided you are determined to succeed, provided that you will take action with the information you learnt after the seminar.
GTB Sceen Shoot
That is over N4,600,000 cool cash of sales in 2-3 days
Mr. Olayinka Abiodun with some of the past participants of our internet wealth secret seminar
PS  Take responsibility for your finance or take orders all your life.  You're either a master of money or a slave of it.                                                          Robert Kiyosaki

PPS  Remember every success in life is traceable to a discovered secret

                                                                                Pastor Femi Emmanuel

PPPS  You will be having access to my business experiencial wisdom which spans over 15 years.

PPPPS  After attending this seminar you will surely personally credit and thank me for making these vital information available to you.

PPPPPS   Just in case you are not directly in need of this training for now, you can introduce anyone you know to the site and you would have been a blessing to someone.  If the information shared on this site could be of help to someone you know, please refer them.

who else wants to be a millionaire?

PPPPPPS Please don't attend this seminar if you're looking for another "get rich quick" scheme.  That's not what I am all about.  We are about helping you.  Holding your hand and guiding you step by step to online success. 
Make your bookings NOW!
These are just some of my many transactions
But you may ask why am I showing you this much of myself, am I just bragging or trying to show off?  Absolutely not, it is basically because I want to reveal your own hidden wealth to you just as I have personally discovered mine and most probably be the one that will be the answer(s) to your prayers.

You see I have a simple concept, helping people to improve their lives with the power of the Internet.  This tested and proven methods have worked for me over the years and I believe it will work for you.

When you attend this straight to the point seminar you will be taught within few hours how you too can genuinely make amazing legitimate income on the internet.

Here’s a quick summary of why this seminar is unlike any other internet money making seminars you have ever attended:
When you attend this seminar, I would basically be revealing my closely guarded money making secrets that I practise and not what the internet marketers tell you to do.  I teach you what works for me and what does not.  I practise what I teach.

Assuredly, I want you to know that real people (Nigerians) including myself are making real good cash with the aid of the internet.  Let me show you what I made within 2 days of doing this business.
Pictures with some of my past seminar participants
Olayinka Abiodun on a live discussion programme on I.T empowerment with Seun Davies (G65 TV)
Olayinka Abiodun on a live discussion TV programme on I.T empowerment with Seun Davies (G65 TV)
See some of my pictures with TV personalities on live TV programmes
Mr. Olayinka Abiodun (centre in cap) with some of the past participants of our professional website design course seminar on Saturday 5/3/05
See some of the pictures of my recently concluded Report Me to the Police Seminar
Olayinka Abiodun with another set of the participants on the 1st day of his seminar
Olayinka Abiodun with some of the participants on the 1st day of his seminar
WARNING:  Seats at this exclusive seminar are extremely limited, so don’t leave this page until you reserve your spot.  Within 48 hours of going live ONLY 100 90 85 Seats are available and once that space is up NO MORE.

Rush now to make your payment at any branch of our bank (
To be given).
Account name: To be given on request
Account no. : To be given on request

Please send email/sms after payment to the bank stating: Name, Address, Amount paid, Teller no. incl. branch, Date of payment, Telephone no. and ALL necessary information you think will assist us. Send email to info{at}

My dear friend, please note this is not a get rich quick seminar, this is an opportunity to empower you with all the information, tools, resources, skills, ideas and money making opportunities needed to make you a millionaire.

As you are very aware THIS IS THE INFORMATION AGE, the information you have/know is big money.  Ignorance is not an excuse, the correct application of the information/education you have is power.  "Without adequate knowledge/information you are CONDEMNED to poverty".  Don't forget IDEAS RULE THE WORLD.  Also always remember God in your business.  Remember to "Work and Pray" always, this is the key to success in life.

Olayinka Abiodun is also the co-author of the mini book, "How To Make Amazing Income with Your Email Addresses".  The copies of which still sells till today and as so far made over N100,000 in sales!
Wait a minute, I am not done yet I am going to spoil you a little and give you irresistible offers that will make you do break dance and make you go ga ga

Here’s a quick summary of what I would be teaching you at the seminar.  It is unlike any other internet money making seminars you have ever attended:
Some Testimonials of Report Me to the Police Seminar
With members of our defunct e-wealth investment club in December 2006
Take hold of this opportunity to change your financial destiny.  Anywhere you go everyone needs this vital information that I would be unvailing, even if you have no business idea you can get 1 or 2 money making business idea(s).  By attending this seminar you risk nothing but have everything to gain.

If you too strongly desire to make real good money within a short time with the aid of the internet, with less stress, risk and without trial by error and you gradually intent to build your wealth then you must attend this seminar.  It is everything (except God) you need to make money, save money, start a business, expand a business, earn foreign exchange etc.

Please do note that, it is with much struggles that this loads of information could be made available to you.  Up until now, this has been a secretly guarded internet money making secrets that I have been secretly using to chunk in loads of money and with much struggles within and without I finally had to succumb to releasing it believing what Rev. Sam Adeyemi said that "the best way to keep what you have is to give it out".  Remember "Givers Never Lack".

Also, do note that the information I would be revealing has painstakingly consumed time and money in fact finding research picking the best materials from the billions of internet resources.

If you want to be relevant in today's business age. 
Cancel or postpone every pre-planned appointments, even your own ceremony to attend this training.

You have no justifiable reason(s) whatsoever to miss this training seminar.  It will surely amaze you and make you forget all the other irrelevant seminars (whether online or offline) that you are planning to attend or that you have attended.

The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual's success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, motivation and investment.  PLS READ
It's Time For You To Hand In Your Resignation Letter At Work and Make the Money That Have Been Waiting for You.  Be Your Our Boss Today!
Olayinka Abiodun also founded an investment club named "E-wealth Investment Club" which has over 50 members spread across Nigeria within a span of 1 year it was founded.

Before this club closed last year, it helped everyday people including its members get the unique financial benefits of online investments which ordinarily they may not be able to achieve working on their own.  Thereby spreading internet wealth through collective efforts.  Members were able to make capital appreciation of between 150% - 300% on sum invested over a period of 3 months - 1 year.
In Church with Ayo Jare-Martins of "Owuro Lawa" fame
In my Alma mata (ICOBA) xmas party in December 2007
During launching of my book titled "How to make amazing income with your email addresses"  in December 2005
I am not yet done, if you not make money with what I offered within 30 working days after the seminar, kindly ask for a very deserved refund.

Your investment in this seminar is RISK FREE!  I carry 99% of the risk.

You Are insured By Olayinka Abiodun's No Bull, No Questions Asked, No Quibble, No Beef,

NO RISK, Iron Clad, 100% 30 days Money Back Guarantee
It is either you make money with these information or I will personally refund back your seminar fee, apologise to you for wasting your time.

I will also tell my driver to personally take you back home and tell my accountant to give you back your one month's salary as your personal inconveniences allowance for coming
Please note:
You can only benefit from these super bonuses if you are one of the lucky 20 that take action RIGHT AWAY!
Discount of N5,000 for 1st 5 ladies to make payment Just to encourage our women folks.

The 1st 10 5 guys to pay for a seat have a discount of N4,000
But you must register TODAY or ON THIS THURSDAY.  There are only 10 'friend seats' available.  Once they're gone that's it.
Hear what some of the testimonials of the past participants of the just concluded Report Me to the Police Seminar had to say about my teaching at the seminar.

  "Attending this seminar has seriously motivated me to create a product(s) with mass market appeal"  Mr. B Chimezie 0802203XXXX
  "The seminar has been a preparatory and empowerment tool to build a long lasting and viable business".  Mrs. Funmi Adebusuyi 0805522XXXX
  "I learnt how a good and captivating sales letter can be written and used".  Mrs. Florence Oduronbi 0802512XXXX
  "The seminar was OK and inspirational"  Mr. Muyiwa Fashina  0805674XXXX

I am sure you will be asking what am I going to pay for all these?

But wait a minute what do you think is reasonable to pay?

Considering that I charge N25,000 per participant for a similar training session and that I would be giving you information worth over N100,000, I am sure you will be expecting me to charge N100,000? No I won't charge that much

Do you think it should be N75,000? I think that will be too much for some

How about N50,000? That should be okay but I get to receive emails asking me for a much lower fee

Okay... What about N25,000? Afterall, that is what some people are charging out there and they don't even make half of the money I make.

N25,000 seems okay. But I will still come down for you.

N20,000? Nope...

N18,000? Nope...

Seems I'm going ga ga !!!

Alright. Alright.. Alright... N16,000 is the price. But absolutely NOT!

You will have to pay only N8,000 that is IF you register between TODAY and THIS THURSDAY.  After this said date or the 1st 20 people secure their seats, the price will shoot to N10,000.

So there you are. With just N8,000 I will show you my closely guarded secret that could make you a millionaire by the end of the year. You will also be getting all the tools needed to build your own business but you must hurry before I wake up from this temporal absent mindedness.

Are you excited? Don't be yet as I'm about to shock you...
Olayinka Abiodun with some of the participants on the 2nd day of his seminar
See some of the past participants of the just concluded Report Me to the Police Seminar
Olayinka Abiodun sharing his 'jealously guarded secrets' on the 1st day of his seminar
See some of the past participants of the just concluded Report Me to the Police Seminar
See some of the past participants of the just concluded Report Me to the Police Seminar
Olayinka Abiodun sharing his 'jealously guarded secrets' on the 1st day of his seminar
Enquiries? Call: 08097015999, 08088340051  Serious enquiries only, No Q & A session, No stories
GTB Sceen Shoot
Secret Location Under the Rock in Lagos
Because of the exclusivity of the seminar, location would ONLY be revealed to paid participants a day or 2 to seminar date

Saturday 9th February 2019

10am Prompt
See Proofs below
To "Kidnap" this hidden internet marketer in Nigeria for a whole day.  Within this training you will pound him hard, with hard to answer questions and obtain from him his closely guarded secrets he has been using to chunk in millions of Naira every year.
Here is a once in a life time opportunity...
Olayinka Abiodun with a fellow internet marketer Akin Alabi