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CAVEAT EMPTOR - BEWARE OF FRAUDSTERS cloning popular websites like ours and who engage in other similar activities to perpetuate fraud.  Please ensure you call, make due diligence search/enquiries, physically visit our office if you are in doubt or suspicious of fraud before you transact with us or any other.  We are not financially liable for any loss(es) incurred as a result of your negligence.
Stop Running Around The Streets Looking For Money Or Employment When Money Could Actually Be Running After You.


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Abundance In A Hostile Economy Empowerment Seminar
Learn how to :
* Be RECESSION PROOF at any time of recession.
* Turn your recession into prosperity.
* Be healthy and wealthy in time of recession.
* Amongst several others
Date : This Monday or As Desired Time : 10am
Venue : Ikeja, Lagos
Fee : Absolutely FREE
To register/attend send your NAME, STATE (eg Ikeja Lagos) and BEST EMAIL ADDRESS to WHATSAPP NO 08097015999
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One on One Training opportunity to sit side by side and
Learn My Jealously Guarded Secrets To Generate More Traffic to Your Website In Order To Make More Money
Dear Success minded online entrepreneur,

Here is a once in a life time opportunity to have a one on one training with us in our very high Returns On Investment (ROI) ecurrency trading training at any mutually convenient time and date in this month (only) in our office.  IT IS 99% LOSS PROOF!

To enjoy this benefit all you have to do is for us to mutually agree on date and time you want your training, make your payment into our bank account and make yourself available on the agreed date and time.

During this training you will have the opportunity to pound us hard, with hard to answer questions and obtain from us, our closely guarded secrets that we have been using to chunk in millions of Naira every year in ecurrency trading.

During this training, you will discover and practically learn:
See some of the things that you will learn.

  How to set up an ecurrency trading business
  Where best to buy your ecurrencies
  Pitfalls to watch out for when trading ecurrencies
  Legal requirements to setup ecurrencies
  How to setup your website to attract FREE online traffic to make quick income/profit
  What changes you need to make to your website in order to outrank your competition, getting you a #1 search engine ranking.
  You will be able to legally and ethically see things about your competition that, until now, only Google knows!. You can then take those things and improve upon them to outrank your competition!
  The secret tool that tens of thousands of the top ranked Google sites have been quietly using for years.
  How to attract targetted prospects to your website via google adword.
  How to make FREE classified ads in major Nigerian newspapers websites
  You'll learn extremely intimate details about your competition and why they're ranking highly. Things that are critically important to know, to outrank tham. You will instantly see things like who's linking to them, why they're linking to them. Who or what are their buying links, trading links, or both? Plus much more!
  How to attract FREE targeted traffic to your business to make obscene profits (know this secret and you will never be broke again) remember more traffic more business, no traffic no business.
  Step by step guide on how you too can make easy money right here in Nigeria
  Have access to my jealously guarded mo.ney making secrets

We will only be teaching you what we know and what we do to make money and not theories like what the others teach. We will be teaching what the successful online marketers do and NOT what they say.

Got questions?, see the Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I come with my internet ready laptop
A. Yes you can, provided it has internet connection

Q. Can I make payment on the date of the training?
A. No, payments are expected to be made most 2 days before the date of the training to make it a confirmed appointment.

Q. Can I bring cash to your office?
A. No, all payments must be made to our bank account no.
To be given on request Account name To be given on request thereafter payment details must be sent to telephone no 08097015999.  Please bring your payment teller on the date of the training.

Q. How much do I pay?
A. Averagely, we charge a minimum of N60,000 for my one on one training but due to the economic downturn moreso at this time of year we would charge a token of N50,000 only (not negotiable).

Ordinarily if you attend each of this courses individually you would have to pay N20,000 for e-currency + N20,000 for website  + N20,000 for more traffic totaling N60,000.

See details here for SEO seminar fee
See details here for website design training seminar fee

Q. How long is the training?
A. The training is just for 2 days and it last between 5 to 6 hours

Q. Would I catch up/understand the business within this short hours?
A. Absolutely yes, remember it is a 99% practical training, not just that you will be giving our detailed seminar manual for further help. Outside this we have verifiable past participants to confirm our claims.

Q. Is the training available all year round?
A. No, the one on one ecurrency trading training for N50,000 is only available for this month and any other selected month(s) at  our discretion. Call for available space and to book ahead.

Q. What is the scope of this training?
A. This training is limited to ecurrency trading, website design training and any other useful online information.

Q. What tools I am going to receive when I come for my training?
A. You will receive our ecurrency training manual
2. The full version of our professional magic web page creator software and my over 50 javascript codes - this is useful for  buiding your website. (This is a product that we have made tons of money with in recent past)
3. Comprehensive ebooks on SEO - traffic management skills

Q. Where is your office?
A. Our office is at P.C. Controllers Ltd 7 Yinusa Adeniji Street, Behind Unity road, Ikeja, Lagos.

Q. Can I call the office?
A. Yes, you can call the office on 08088340051. You may also call me on 08097015999 (serious enquiries only, no seminar before the seminar, no Q & A session).

Q. How much money do I require to start trading with after my training?
A. Sincerely it may be difficult to put a fixed amount due to various unknown factors about you (the trainee) because cost is relative, nevertheless it may be advised that you have upto 100usd or more to start.

Q. Do I have a money back guaranteee on this training?
A. Yes, you have my 30 days money back that if you attend this training and do what you are taught that you will make money or your money back.

If you want to be relevant in today's business age.  Cancel or postpone every pre-planned appointments, even your own ceremony to attend this training.  Do everything legally possible to attend this training including disposal of your unused personal asset to raise money.

Don't lose any more sales... make informed decision NOW and attend our seminar, and we will put you on the fast track to success.

If you are really serious about making good mo.ney this year, then you should register your interest NOW before we am fully booked.  Please note, thousands others are reading this email. 


PS Remember every success in life is traceable to a discovered secret. You are backed up with our over 20 years of business experiencial wisdom and 30 days money back.

PPS By the time I am done with you, your friends and neighbours would almost swear that you have become a drug baron or an armed robber, your bank manager would specially visit you for a chat about the recent rise in your cash inflow.

PPPS Please don't attend this training if you're looking for another "get rich quick" scheme.
To "Kidnap" this hidden internet marketer in Nigeria for a whole day.  Within this training you will pound him hard, with hard to answer questions and obtain from him his closely guarded secrets he has been using to chunk in millions of Naira every year.
Here is a once in a life time opportunity...