Note: If you fail to attend this training, you have a 90% chance of never being able to make more money with your website.  Before you begin, if you're NOT 100% serious about building and controlling your website, DO NOT read another word. Only read on if you plan to put into action, everything that you will be taught at the seminar.
In this seminar, you will learn :
How to design, host and maintain professional database driven and ecommerce enabled  websites
How To Create and Manage Online Registrations/Reservations
How to create social networking and community sites like (or better than) facebook from  scratch
How to add an internal search engine to a site
How to create stunning slides and add effects to your site in minutes
How to manage User Access and Create membership sites like facebook
How to create stunning slides and add effects to your site in minutes
How to Create Advance Forms that allow visitors to upload files
How to create multiple user accounts and groups, each with their own permissions right down to the item level.
Just because of this seminar, my competitors have practically been begging me not to let out this secret information that we have been using to make money in our businesses.  But against ALL ODDs I am hell bent to let out these Jealously guarded information ALL BECAUSE OF YOU.
Pictures with some of my past seminar participants
With some members of our defunct e-wealth investment club during the Christmas meeting held at the Lagos Travel Inn on 16/12/2006
Here is FREEDOM At Last
Great New Discovery Helps You Build And Control Your Dynamic Website Content Without Any Website Designer. With Our Super Easy Software
Attend My 2 day CSM + SEO Practical Seminar and Discover How To Build Your Dynamic Website Under 24hours -  Guaranteed?
What Everybody Should Know... About How To Generate More Traffic In Order To Make More Money
Guaranteed ways to generate traffic to your website
Hear what some of the testimonials of the past participants of the just concluded Report Me to the Police Seminar had to say about my teaching at the seminar.

"Attending this seminar has seriously motivated me to create a product(s) with mass market appeal" Mr. B Chimezie

"The seminar has been a preparatory and empowerment tool to build a long lasting and viable business". Mrs. Funmi Adebusuyi

"I learnt how a good and captivating sales letter can be written and used". Mrs. Florence Oduronbi

"The seminar was OK and inspirational" Mr. Muyiwa Fashina.     Read more
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How to attract targeted prospects to your website via google adword.
How to make FREE classified ads in major Nigerian newspapers websites
You'll be able to legally and ethically see things about your competition that, until now, only Google knows! You can then take those things and improve upon them to outrank your competition!
The secret tool that tens of thousands of the top ranked Google sites have been quietly using for years
You'll learn extremely intimate details about your competition and why they're ranking highly. Things that are critically important to know, to outrank tham. You'll instantly see things like who's linking to them, why they're link to them. Are they buying links, trading links, or both? Plus much more!
What Everybody Should Know... About How To Generate More Traffic In Order To Make More Money.
Business websites
Corporate intranets
Article directories
Blogs and personal websites
Video-driven websites
Online magazines
Community websites
Websites for schools
Web 2.0 and social media
Review/rating websites
Let me quickly show you how I have been able to attract Targeted Traffic to improve earnings
2nd position out of 45,000 competing websites. Not bad for a website that is just barely 3months old
1st position on search keyword buy/sell liberty reserve in Nigeria as at 13/5/2010
Search word : - 1st position on search keyword Buy/Sell liberty reserve in Nigeria as at 13/5/2010
See some of my pictures with TV personalities on live TV programmes
Olayinka Abiodun with Jare Ayo Martins (Owuro Lawa)
Click here for details
See some of the participants of my recently concluded seminar
Mr. Olayinka Abiodun with some of the past participants of our website design seminar
Professional Magic Website Maker Features
Professional Magic Website Maker includes everything you need to create and maintain a beautiful, flexible website. It is fully-featured content management software which has been developed by usability experts and includes the following features:

Content Publishing Features
Website Templates
Choose from dozens of beautiful, industry-specific website templates with just one click.

Feedback Forms Use the drag-and-drop wizard to create feedback forms and then add them to your website. Responses are saved in your control panel and can be exported to Microsoft Excel.

Integrate Your Existing Design All templates are one simple HTML page, making it easy to integrate any existing design in under an hour.

SEO Customization Make your website 100% SEO-friendly by specifying SEO title, keyword and description options for content types. All automatically generated URLs are also search engine friendly. 

Down for Maintenance Option Easily show a "Down for Maintenance" message on your website. 

Easily Upload Images The built-in image manager makes it easy to upload multiple images at once. You can also rename and delete images too.  

Photo Galleries Upload dozens or even thousands of photos at once and then add the gallery anywhere on your website.  

Custom Build Menus/Lists
Use the menu/list wizard to create a list of items (such as web pages or recent press releases) and then use the drag and drop layout editor to position the list anywhere on your website.  

1, 2, or 3 Column Page Layouts
Customize the layout of every page on your website. Your home page could be 3 columns, your blog could be 2 and your staff profiles might be 1 column - it's up to you.

Drag and Drop Layout Customization Move content around on your website using the drag and drop layout editor. Position a menu at the top of the master template so it appears on every page, or customize pages so each is unique with its own menu and content.  

Start & Expiry Dates
Use the content expiry options to publish content between, from or to a specific date - perfect for publishing information on time sensitive events such as dinners and conferences.

Calendars & Events Create a calendar full of events and display it on your website. You can even limit which staff members can modify your calendar.  

Multi-Level Navigation Menus
Link content to parent items to easily create multi-level horizontal and vertical navigation menus up to 3 levels deep.

Custom Content Types Use the built-in content types (articles, blogs, news, web pages) or create your own using the visual form designer. No HTML required.  

Custom Content Views
Create your own views (or saved searches) to quickly access and edit specific content from the control panel in just one click.  

Create content using the built-in WYSIWYG HTML editor. It supports paste from Word, rich text formatting, links, images and more. 

Categorize Content Easily categorize content into categories with unlimited sub categories. You can then create filters to choose how content should appear on your website.

Assign Authors to Content Multiple users can collaborate on a single piece of content and they will be listed as the authors of the content.

Browser-Based Content Authoring
It's easy to create new content for your website. Simply choose the type of content you want to create and then type in the details.  * Point-and-click editing  * Rich text formatting  * Paste from Microsoft Word  * Add lists and links  * Upload, insert & resize images  * Change text colors  * Change font size and family  * Switch to full screen editing  * Align and justify paragraphs  * Complete undo/redo support  * Advanced users can edit HTML

One Click Lead Capture Forms
Create contact forms and add them to any page on your website in seconds. When a visitor fills out your contact form their information will be sent to any email address you like. You can capture leads for:  * Your sales team  * Upcoming events  * Partnership inquiries  * Prospects and leads

RSS Feeds Galore RSS feeds can be created and displayed for any content, any menu and any list you create and display on your website. You can even disable RSS feeds on specific content types.

Content Caching You can choose flexible caching options on a per content-type basis. By default content is cached for one day but this can be disabled or changed from the control panel.

Custom URL Structures Each content type you create can have its own custom URL structure. Simply choose the format of the URL, use the available placeholders and your URLs are updated.

Multi-User Features
Mutliple User Accounts Create multiple user accounts, each with their own login details and permissions.

User Groups With Permissions Create multiple user groups, each with their own permissions right down to the item level.   The flexible allow/deny logic makes it easy to create accounts for content contributors, managers and super users - in fact anyone in your organization who needs to contribute to your website in any way.

All/Own/Specific Items
User groups can be setup with flexible access types including full control, create new, delete, edit and approve.

Workflow Approval System Content can be set to require approval before being published on the website. You can set some content types (such as press releases and staff profiles) to require approval and allow others (such as blog posts and videos) to be published immediately.

Active/Inactive Users Easily disable a user account with one click from the control panel. Once disabled, the user will no longer be able to login and make changes to your website.

Users in Multiple Groups A user can belong to multiple groups if required. In fact, a user can be in as many groups as required, simply by selecting the groups when you create/edit their profile. 

Website Design Features
Website Templates Choose from dozens of beautiful, industry-specific website templates with just one click.  
W3C/XHTML Compliant Templates Professional Magic Website Maker includes dozens of beautiful website templates. All templates are W3C/XHTML compliant, contain only one HTML page and no PHP.  
Master Template Editing Change the master template using the drag and drop editor to quickly add a new column or content block to all pages on your website.   Integrate an Existing Design If you have an existing website or design, you can integrate it using the simple one page HTML style guide system in under an hour.  
Custom Content Blocks Create custom content blocks which can contain formatted text, pure HTML or images, then drag and position them anywhere on any page of your website.
Customize Built-In Pages Static pages such as error, "down for maintenance" and search tips pages can be fully customized using a WYSIWYG editor.
Built-In Logo Editor Use the built-in logo editor to create a customized logo for your website or upload your existing logo just as easily.  
Header Image Editor Easily change the built-in header image of most templates to reflect your branding. You can even modify the "plain" header image to add your own images, slogan and more.
Customizable Content Blocks Easily add rich text, pure HTML or an image anywhere on any page of your website by creating a content block and dragging it onto your web page. You can even add affiliate tracking code, third party analytics and traffic monitoring JavaScript and more.  
Download New Templates We regularly publish new website templates which you can download directly from your control panel.

Search Engine Optimization Features
SEO Optimized The Professional Magic Website Maker template structure was designed from the ground up by search engine optimization experts.   All templates make proper use of heading tags, alt tags, meta details, etc. Templates are tableless in design and are crafted to help your website rank favorably in all major search engines. 

Per-Page Optimization You can specify the page title and meta data for every category and page on your website, giving you complete control over the keywords you want to rank for.

SEO-Friendly Links All pages on your website use SEO-friendly links which make it easy for search engine spiders to find and then index the content of your pages.   Links are not prefixed with keywords such as /articles/ or /blogs/ - the title of the content item is the only thing which appears in the URL, such as:   This increases keyword proximity in URLs and helps you rank better in all search engines. Spaces are replaced with dashes for optimal ranking.

Included Modules
A Completely Modular Architecture Professional Magic Maker website is built on a modular architecture. PHP developers can build their own modules to extend the platform for their unique business needs, or use the built-in modules which are explained here. 

Email to Friend Make it easy for visitors to share content on your website with the "Email to Friend" form. 
Related Links Publish a list of related links for a content item to provide visitors with further reading. 
Resource Box Publish more information about an article, press release, etc in the resource box. 
Anchor Images An anchor or "teaser" image can be added to any content item, similar to 
Podcasting Podcasting from your website is easy. You can upload your podcast as an MP3 file or link to it on another website. You can also add your podcast to iTunes using the point and click instructions.
Twitter Easily add a "Follow us on Twitter" link to your website. You can also show recent tweets from multiple Twitter accounts anywhere on your website.
YouTube Videos Paste in the link to a YouTube video and it will automatically be embedded in an article, web page, blog, etc on your website. 
Google Analytics Track the number, location, referrals and bounce rate of visitors on your website with Google Analytics integration.
Comments Build a conversation right from your website by adding a threaded commenting system to any piece of content. You have auto-approve or manually approve new comments.   You can also reduce comment spam with CAPTCHA, and visitors can be notified via email when their comment is approved or when someone replies. What a great way to increase the stickiness of your website.
Contact Form Lets visitors fill in a basic contact form. Their details will then be emailed to you. 
Attachments Allows you to upload attachments and display them on your web site for download when creating new content.  Import From Older Versions Use the import wizard to import content from older versions of Interspire Website Publisher running on the same domain.

The CMS Web Designers Love Just Got More Flexible!
The Professional Magic Website Maker lets you create more than just content-driven websites. You can now create calendars and events, customizable feedback forms, photo galleries and multi-level dropdown navigation menus in just a few minutes.

Calendars and Events
Create events (including recurring events) in one click and then position a calendar widget as part of content on a page or in a single location on your website. Sharing upcoming events couldn't be easier, and you can even limit which staff members can update your calendar.

Customizable Feedback Forms
Use the drag-and-drop editor to create customizable forms which you can add anywhere on your website. Feedback can be emailed and is saved in the control panel for further analysis and exporting to Microsoft Excel. You can also create "admin only" form fields which only you and your staff can see and modify.

Photo Galleries
Batch upload dozens or even thousands of photos at once, optionally give them a title and description and then display the photo galleries on your website in whichever way you like. You can list all recent galleries, display slideshows or link to a gallery, either from within a page or from anywhere on your website.

Multi-Level Dropdown Menus
Make your navigation menus come alive with multi-level displaying of links. You can now set "parent" items for content and build horizontal or vertical multi-level menus in just a few seconds from your website's control panel.

7 Reasons why you should use Professional Magic Website Maker Already used by thousands of businesses and digital agencies, Professional Magic Website Maker is industry-leading content management software with more features than any of our competitors.
Mr. Olayinka Abiodun (centre in cap) with some of the past participants of our professional website design course seminar on Saturday 5/3/05
Olayinka Abiodun with some of the participants on the 2nd day of his seminar
But you may ask why am I showing you this much of myself, am I just bragging or trying to show off? Absolutely not, it is basically because I want to reveal your own hidden wealth to you just as I have personally discovered mine and most probably be the one that will be the answer(s) to your prayers.

You see I have a simple concept, helping people to improve their lives with the power of the Internet. This tested and proven methods have worked for me over the years and I believe it would work for you.

When you attend this straight to the point seminar you will be taught how you too can genuinely make amazing legitimate income on the internet.
I am sure you be asking what am I going to pay for all these? But wait a minute what do you think is reasonable to pay?

Considering that most local Search Enigine Optimization (SEO) companies charge N35,000 per month just to drive momentary traffic to your website and equally charge about the same amount for a similar training session. That I would be giving you materials worth over N50,000, I am sure you will be expecting me to charge N85,000? No I won't charge that much

Do you think it should be N60,000? I think that will be too much for some
How about N50,000? That should be okay but I get to receive emails asking me for a much lower fee

Okay... What about N40,000? Afterall, that is what some people are charging out there and they don't even make half of the money I make.

N35,000 seems okay. But I will still come down for you.
N30,000? Nope...
N25,000? Nope...
Seems I'm going ga ga !!!

Alright. Alright.. Alright... N23,000 is the price. But absolutely NOT!

You will have to pay only N20,000
(Introductory Fee) if you register immediately. After 20 people secure their seats, the price will shoot to N25,000

So there you are. With just N20,000 I will show you my closely guarded secret that could make you/your business a millionaire by the end of the year. You will also be getting all the tools needed to build your own business but you must hurry before I wake up from this temporary hallucination.

Are you excited? Don't be yet as I'm about to shock you...
Discount of N2,000 If you register before 4pm TODAY
                                     or you are the 1st person to register ie you pay N18,000 instead of N20,000 the same applies to the 1st lady to make payment just to celebrate the website pre-launch
It is either you make money with these information or I will personally refund back your seminar fee, apologise to you for wasting your time.

I will also tell my driver to personally take you back home and tell my accountant to give you back your one month's salary as your personal inconveniences allowance for coming.

I am not yet done, if you are not completely satisfied with what I offer you within 30 days of practising what your learnt at the seminar, kindly ask for a no question asked refund.

Please note,
not in the history of seminars have a 30 day money back guarantee been given  in Nigeria.  I must be honest with you neither have I given more than few days money back guarantee before on any of my seminars.  But because I am sure your will profit from this seminar I am giving a 30 day money back guarantee.  Read more

I can guarantee you that you will know more than 99% of all webmaster's online. You will know how to completely smoke your competitors in the search engine war and you will be virtually GUARANTEED success if you follow all of the advice taught in this seminar.

Don't be that 99% of webmasters or careless website owner  that are too lazy to actually do anything with what they learn.  I want you to get out there and start dominating those search engines!

Your investment in this seminar is RISK FREE!
You Are insured By Olayinka Abiodun's No Bull, No Questions Asked, No Quibble, No Beef
NO RISK, Iron Clad, 100% Money Back Guarantee

Wait a minute, I am not done yet I am going to spoil you a little and give you irrestible offers that will make you do break dance and make you go ga ga

Please note:
You can only benefit from these super bonuses if you are one of the lucky 20 that take action RIGHT AWAY!
WARNING: Seats at this exclusive seminar are extremely limited, so don’t leave this page until you reserve your spot. Within 24 hours of going live ONLY VERY FEW Seats are available and once that space is up NO MORE.  Read testimonials of our last participants
Secret Location Under the Rock in Lagos
Because of the exclusivity of the seminar, location would ONLY be revealed to paid participants 1 to 2 days to seminar date

Friday 19th & Saturday 20th June 2015

10am Prompt to 3pm daily
Rush now to make your payment at any branch of Guaranty Trust Bank Plc.
Account name: P.C. Controllers Ltd
Account no. : 0011230411

Please send
email/sms after payment to the bank stating: Name, Address, Amount paid, Teller no. incl. branch, Date of payment, Telephone no. and ALL necessary information you think will assist us. Send email to info{at}

My dear friend, please note this is not a get rich quick seminar, this is an opportunity to empower you with all the information, tools, resources, skills, ideas and money making opportunities needed to make you a millionaire.

As you are very aware THIS IS THE INFORMATION AGE, the information you have/know is big money. Ignorance is not an excuse, the correct application of the information/education you have is power. "Without adequate knowledge/information you are CONDEMNED to poverty". Don't forget IDEAS RULE THE WORLD. Also always remember God in your business. Remember to "Work and Pray" always, this is the key to success in life.
Olayinka Abiodun is also the co-author of the mini book, "How To Make Amazing Income with Your Email Addresses". The copies of which still sells till today and as so far made over N100,000 in sales!
Olayinka Abiodun also founded an investment club named "E-wealth Investment Club" which has over 50 members spread across Nigeria within a span of 1 year it was founded.

Before this club closed 2007, it helped everyday people including its members get the unique financial benefits of online investments which ordinarily they may not be able to achieve working on their own. Thereby spreading internet wealth through collective efforts. Members were able to make capital appreciation of between 150% - 300% on sum invested over a period of 3 months - 1 year.  Click here for more details

Take hold of this opportunity to change your financial destiny. Anywhere you go everyone needs this vital information that I would be unvailing, even if you have no business idea you can get 1 or 2 money making business idea(s). By attending this seminar you risk nothing but have everything to gain.

If you too strongly desire to make real good money within a short time with the aid of the internet, with less stress, risk and without trial by error and you gradually intent to build your wealth then you must attend this seminar. It is everything (except God) you need to make money, save money, start a business, expand a business, earn foreign exchange etc.

Please do note that, it is with much struggles that this loads of information could be made available to you. Up until now, this has been a secretly guarded internet money making secrets that I have been secretly using to chunk in loads of money and with much struggles within and without I finally had to succumb to releasing it believing what Rev. Sam Adeyemi said that "the best way to keep what you have is to give it out". Remember "Givers Never Lack".

Also, do note that the information I would be revealing has painstakingly consumed time and money in fact finding research picking the best materials from the billions of internet resources.

I Want You To Know That Making More Sales Is No Accident.  Come, Let Me Show You The Truth About How To Generate More Traffic In Order To Make More Money

If You’re Really Serious About Wanting To Make More Sales This Year With My Jealously Guarded Secrets then DON”T MISS THIS SEMINAR... With Your Money Back Guarantee!

If you want to be relevant in today's business age.
Cancel or postpone every pre-planned appointments, even your own ceremony to attend this training. Fear not make that trip even if you are outside the state.

You have no justifiable reason(s) whatsoever to miss this training seminar. It will surely amaze you and make you forget all the other irrelevant seminars (whether online or offline) that you are planning to attend or that you have attended.

Maybe you do not really understand all I am saying, perhaps you really can't operate a computer not to talk of building a webpage and you are ashamed to even say it, not to worry I can give you a few days training to get you started.  Probably you cannot even design a simple webpage, I want you to know that for over the last 6 years I have demystified website design via my various seminars even my 9 year old child can design a website Click here for more details

PS I want you to know that targeted traffic is more authoritative, less expensive and last longer online than paid classified google adverts.

PPS Take responsibility for your finance or take orders all your life. You're either a master of money or a slave of it. Robert Kiyosaki

PPPS Remember every success in life is traceable to a discovered secret  Pastor Femi Emmanuel

PPPPS You will be having access to my business experiencial wisdom which spans 20 years.

PPPPPS Just in case you are not directly in need of this training for now, you can introduce anyone you know to the site and you would have been a blessing to someone. If the information shared on this site could be of help to someone you know please tell them by using the form below.

PPPPPPS After attending this seminar you will surely personally credit and thank me for making these vital information available to you.

who else wants to be a millionaire?

PPPPPPPS Please don't attend this seminar if you're looking for another "get rich quick" scheme. That's not what I am all about. We are about helping you. Holding your hand and guiding you step by step to online success.
Make your payment now!

The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual's success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation PLS READ
Now You Too Can Build You Own Dynamic Website and Get More Traffic Than You Know What To Do With
It's Time For You To Hand In Your Resignation Letter At Work and Make the Money That Have Been Waiting for You.  Be Your Our Boss Today!

Enquiries? Call: 08033235168, 08088340051 (9am-6pm only)
Serious enquiries only, No Q & A session
Buy/Sell your Liberty Reserve in Lagos, Nigeria @
Olayinka Abiodun  Copyright protected.  2016
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It's A Shame Not To Generate More Targeted Traffic To Your Website In Order To Make More Money -- When These People Do It So Easily
The first 20 people to respond will have the following bonuses

Headline Creator Pro :- this amazing software creates stunning captivating headlines that surely converts visitors to your website to buyers
Hundreds of javascript codes that easies coding hassles on your website
How to make amazing income with your email address book worth N1,500 (along with our seminar). Read more details below
And much more!!
Here's 7 reasons why we think you'll like our software:

We have the easiest to use content management software in the world We often say "if you can use Microsoft Word, then you can use Professional Magic Website Maker to build a website" - and it's true. Our customers love the fact that they can jump right in and have their website live in under an hour because there's practically no learning curve to get started.
You're backed by one of the most-praised tech support teams in the industry
When you need help, we're here for you.
Designed by usability experts who've "been there, done that"
Professional Magic Website Maker was designed by usability experts with years of experience building flexible, persuasive websites, so we know what you expect from a content management system.
We're always improving the software to keep you ahead of your competitors
We treat customer feedback like it's going out of style.
Hide the "powered by" link from your competitors - it's OK with us All our customers have the right to private label our software at no extra charge. We know that you might want to remove our "powered by" link to keep your competitors from finding us and that's fine - we won't tell.
Thousands of customers can't be wrong
Professional Magic Website Maker software is used by customers in 65 countries around the world.
"It just works" Our software is better because it just works - plain and simple. You'll be up and running in under an hour and can have your website live today!
During this seminar you will also have the opportunity to learn about SEO ie how to attract targeted traffic to your website and how to dominate the 1st page of major search engines.  You may ask what is SEO, SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimisation.  So what is website traffic and how do I attract targeted traffic to my website?

Traffic is often referred to as the "blood" that pumps through your online business, it keeps it flourishing, functioning and profitable.
Without traffic, your website will be Totally LOST, unfound, in the world wide web. Without traffic, no matter how good your product is, you won't make any sales.  Just as we can't survive without a steady stream of blood flowing through our veins, your online business will fail without a steady stream of traffic. Even if you have the greatest written sales letter in the world, without targeted traffic you simply would not convert.

It's Impossible to Make a Living Online Without a detailed interactive website and a Steady Stream of Quality Targeted Traffic!

It may also interest you to know that people who come from search engines are self-motivated, so they are best buyers.  According to statistics for the first 6 months of this year, visitors from search engines buy 3.5 times more often than visitors from sites, and 2.2 times more often than visitors from paid ads and bookmarks.

That's why over 94% of the online marketers and affiliates who started out this year trying to earn a living online are failing miserably... they just don't have enough traffic!. I want you to know that as more people flock to the internet to try and make money online, the ones making the REAL money own the web traffic.

Now having your website listed on the 1st page of google gives you 'FREE' targeted online traffic 24/7 compared to other paid online adverts like classified google ads, Pay Per Click etc.  It also gives you an edge compared to the more expensive methods of electronic/print media adverts which has lesser untargeted coverage area.
Search word : - money making business opportunities in Nigeria as at 24/3/2010
2nd position out of 45,000 competing websites. Not bad for a website that is just barely 3months old
1st position on search keyword buy liberty reserve in Nigeria as at 13/5/2010
Search word : - 1st position on search keyword Buy liberty reserve in Nigeria as at 13/5/2010
Well you say "kini big deal", how does this translate to money?
Let me quickly show you some of my past earnings as a result of targeted traffic to our websites
I want you to know not too many Nigerians can reveal their jealously guarded traffic secrets with such vital information on the internet, most people would rather be quiet about it while others prefer to "eat and clean mouth" or "to eat alone".

Whereas some others have never really had such traffic generation/online money making experience before, they only say it but cannot show it. Infact, I suggest you do not attend any other seminar that cannot show you proof(s) that they have made this much sales.
For me to reveal this much tells you much more than what words can say to you.

How do I make such money you may ask?
The first thing you need is the interest and the ability to
ASK (Always Seeking Knowledge). Basically most of the monies were made through my e-currency trading activities, how you may ask? Because we have lots of online presence via which lots of Nigerians were able to search us out and patronise us.  I want you to know that a lot of your would be customers are searching for your products/services right now without patronising you rather them are patronising your competitors just because you do not attract traffic to your website.  I believe that for you to be reading this at this time and thus far you are a seeker of knowledge, what now remains for you is to make a good decision and take action to attend this seminar.

Am I qualified to attend?
As long as you can read and write then you are qualified to attend this seminar and make money via the information I would be showing you. Anybody who can send and receive emails. Anybody who can browse the internet can acquire these money making traffic generation skills that I would be showing you, provided you are determined to succeed, provided that you will take action with the information you learnt after the seminar.

May you do not really understand all I am saying, perhaps you really can't operate a computer not to talk of building a webpage and you are ashamed to even say it, not to worry I can give you a few days training to get you started.  Probably you cannot even design a simple webpage, I want you to know that for over the last 6 years I have demystified website design training via my various seminars even my 9 year old kid can design a website Click here for more details

I want you to know that our content management system makes it easy for non-technical users to create and maintain fully functional websites. Over 5,400 customers are using our software to power their websites and applications, including:
These are just some of my many transactions
See Proofs below
Dear online entrepreneur,


I am looking for skeptics that I can turn into testifiers.

That's right. I am looking for someone who does not believe he can undertake a 2 day program that will enable him to design a world class, dynamic, interactive website like facebook, twitter, dynamic online newspaper content etc


I am looking for somebody who would like to start or expand an already existing business, somebody who would take a business online, drive FREE traffic to the website and make obscene money.

I am looking for somebody that have been to several website design seminars and have not been able to self design a dynamic content and interactive websites to be my word of mouth advertiser to testify to my claims on this webpage if what I am saying is true or not.


But you may say, I do not belong to the above group...hmmm then why are you on this sales page and reading thus far?

I want you to know that over the years, I have demystified website design via my training seminars and I have successfully trained some of the well respected, self acclaimed today's webmasters that you probably look up to.  So why go to the village when the king is here?

Perhaps you are wondering who is Olayinka Abiodun and why is he revealing his jealously guarded secrets.  He is not "afraid" of competition?.  You see it pains me to see badly designed static websites regularly been made by Nigerian webmasters, moreso if I do not show you the right stuff, you may end paying the quacks.  You will agree with me examples abound in almost every sector in our country.

For over 20 years, helping people has always been a part of me so much so that I have personally mentored over 500 people and collectively trained over 5,000 people across the country also I have trained many successful trainers via my weekly radio and television programmes and moreso via my
"No hold barred seminars" that is greatly admired by my followers.  I have also built up a reputation for over-delivering and undercharging my loyal customers and they will attest to that.

Just this week I had an encounter with a prospective customer that got my contact online, this contact came from a distance of over 20km just to patronise me.  I am very sure that  there are several of our competitors within his locality that he must have knowingly or unknowingly bye passed.  A similar experience happened a few years ago when a contact came all the way from Kano state to Lagos (a distance of over 500km) just to attend one of my trainings

Now let me ask you a question “why do you think this happened? and why is it that most businesses do not survive past their 1st year of operation”? Personally outside other known factors, I believe that one of the most important reason is that most businesses Lack “adequate patronage” ie “No standard website without Targeted Traffic - No Sales, No Sales - No Money, No Money - No Business and No Business the business closes down”.  I want you to know that your website will be dead in no time unless you attract targeted visitors who want to buy what you're selling.

From my many years of hosting websites for several Nigerians, I observed that most Nigerians do not renew their website(s) after the mandatory initial 1st year payment.  Why? because they did not make adequate money in their 1st year of online operation nor do not know how to get traffic of potential prospects that would eventually turn to sales.

If you're like the many Nigerians out there that probably created a brand new website, Submitted it to a few search engines or none and hoped that people would mysteriously show up at your site and buy whatever it is you are selling.  Sorry to say, you're loosing a lot of potential prospects that can easily be turned into repeat customers. 

After many trials and errors you are probably frustrated and probably give up and decide to either build another website around a different target market or just lose all hope and quit. Well,
news flash, as you've probably figured out by now, this is not the way to go about doing things.  One of the ways to getting it right is to make an informed decision by seeking expert(s) to guide you through your trial and error approach.

Perhaps you hastily make a decision that why so I need to "Stress" myself with learning this skill and you probably think I would get a consultant to do this for me.  Good, if you are going to hire someone to do your SEO work for you, you better know a whole lot more or you could suffer far worse than you ever would trying to do SEO work yourself... even without any real experience. Even if you hire an SEO Professional to promote your site, if they do anything that the search engines decide is unethical, your site will be banned and you will have no recourse, legal or otherwise to get it back in.  Notwithstanding I may still suggest that if truly you cannot do it yourself then outsource it to me
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Olayinka Abiodun with Jare Ayo Martins (Owuro Lawa)
Olayinka Abiodun on a live discussion TV programme on I.T empowerment with Gboyega Akosile (TVC)
Olayinka Abiodun on a live discussion TV programme on I.T empowerment with Gboyega Akosile (TVC)
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* How do I get more targeted traffic to my website and how do I make money thereby?
* How do my website appear on the 1st  page in google?
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Worship with us this sunday at the nearest RCCG
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