Website design service

We don't just design, we engineer websites!  we give you a world class website that is user friendly and that ranks well on major search engines.  We are proud to say that most of our professional websites are on the 1st pages of major search engines.  We are skilled in driving targeted traffic (potential buyers to your website).  What is the use of a beautiful website that has no traffic and that cannot sell your products or services.  We believe that a professional website apart from providing the basic function of information, entertainment and education should majorly be your online salesman

The Internet is a global market place and smart/wise companies and individuals now use the internet as their meduim of reaching out to the whole world at the cheapest cost. By being on the internet, you tend to take your business to the next level as people abroad searching for related services or products you offer can easily locate and patronize you. It is also a boost to your business and a confirmation of your authenticity.

Mobile friendly website

Let us build you a mobile friendly version of your traditional website, you may ask why do I need a mobile website?

Why you should build a mobile friendly website

The average person stares at his/her phone 150 times per day.  That is about once every 6.4 minutes of every hour that average person is awake.  To a savvy webmaster this is an important statistics of potential customers you can build websites for.  Also today's mobile phone obssession has become very effective and definitely a must have, moreso the mobile phones are faster way to reach consumers than other digital forms of communications

At P.C. CONTROLLERS LIMITED, we do professional website engineering that is discerning to your company. Our aim to take your existing business methods and cost effectively integrate it on the internet, thereby empowering your customers, employees and creditors.

You are assured of a reasonable Return on Investment (ROI) when you contract us to do your website.

Our past customers which we have designed their corporate website have never lived to regret our service.

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